Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blake's Birth

Well, lets just say it was no magical "It's a Baby Story" on TLC. After Leah's birth I was really hoping for a somewhat "magical delivery" - no stress, pulling out my crying baby and snuggling with my "icky looking baby" Maybe because I am NICU nurse I am a magnet for scary deliveries that require emergency cords and NICU staff... who knows what the answer is, but Blake's birth was more traumatic then Leah's. My delivery was called "precipitous" meaning it happens so fast that it can cause some stress to the baby and that;s exactly what happened. My water broke at 4am at home, we got to the hospital at 5am and I was 3cm. At 6:30, after I got my epidural I was 8cm...super fast progression. The pain hit me so fast in that hour and half. I was vomiting and shaking uncontrollably. The epidural was just able to help me relax, the shaking was terrible and scary. After shift change with the nurses, my day shift RN came in to acquaint herself with me and we started swapping war stories. After a few minutes she commented that the baby's heart rate sounded low so she was going to readjust his monitor. She readjusted and it did not fix the low sounding heart rate. She said it wasn't right and the baby was down, as she pulled the emergency cord. the next 10-15 minutes were a blur. A dozen or so L&D RN's came rushing in, threw me back and put oxygen on me. They pushed Mark out of the way and were trying to reassure me everything was fine, but I knew it wasn't. My OB had just finished up surgery and happened to be coming to say hi to me and let me know his partner would be delivering me. When he walked in he saw the baby's HR and everything going on. He threw on some gloves (non sterile, no gown or mask), sat down on the bed and told me we need to get him out.  At this point I was sobbing, thinking Baby Boy would would either be dead or have some serious complications. Dr. Cleary told me everything was fine and I needed to push. I pushed 4 times and Blake was born in the bed, the cord was around his neck(just like Leah) and with him dropping so fast and me progressing so fast his heart rate was down. They had to pull the emergency cord in NICU as well and my colleagues came rushing in. They swiftly took the baby who was clearly stunned and began working on him. It turns out he was breathing and heart rate jumped up He never did cry, which was similar to Leah. After about 20 mins I was assured he was perfectly fine and healthy and was just stunned. I know this happens, but being on the other side of things is terrible. I didn't get to hold my baby until after 20 minutes. I have to admit he was one of the cutest little people I have ever seen. Most newborns are not cute, but his blond little peach fuzz was to die for. He was born at 8:14, only 4 hours after my water broke. I'm already freaking out about baby #3 an how quick that will be.  This is why I will only deliver as a hospital equipped to handle emergencies if they happen. When I saw my OB walk in and saw the NICU team I did relax a bit amidst the chaos. I am so thankful for their expertise and taking good care of my little man.  As for his name Blake Henry...we decided a little bit after he was born. Blake had been on the radar for a few weeks and it fit him perfectly. Henry is after my grandpa and I just love the way it sounded. My blond little Blake or Blake the mistake as Mark calls him (parents of the year) is such a sweet baby. We went home about 48 hours later, he is nursing well and sleeping like a champ. Its taken a little while to process what happened and I'm scared more then ever to go through it again. As for now, I'm enjoying having a sweet little newborn again. Leah has adjusted just fine, she is fascinated with Blake. Likes to burp him, put his paci in, and try to gauge his eyes out... ahh sisterly love. Alright, time to try and get something donw during nap time. Pics to come soon!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A New Arrival

We are excited to introduce Blake Henry Franklin born December 13 at 8:14am. He weighed in at a solid 8lbs and 20.75 inches. It was a very quick labor and delivery (even though I think I had been in early stages of labor for a week or so). I am not in the mood to write out his delivery story right now, but lets just say it was just as if not more stressful then Leah's delivery. Full of emergency cord pulls and NICU teams rushing in. Regardless, Blake is healthy and I am just fine. We are home as a family of 4 now which just seems crazy! Leah hasn't really changed and is more interested in Blake then I thought she would be. Blake has been good, eating, sleeping and pooping...I will take it. This is all the energy I have to write now. Thank you to family and friends who have visited, prayed, sent food and well wishes. We are so thankful for you in our life.  And now for some crappy IPhone photos...

Look at that hair!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Waiting Game

I was re-reading some posts from when I was waiting for Leah to be born and they sound very similar to how I am feeling currently...only I feel like it is amplified right now. I suck at waiting for is this instant gratification world we live in and that I tend to get caught up in when I am tired and my will is weakening. Why can't it just be when I want it to be? HA! Because the world does not revolve aroun what I want...sometimes I hate that. Does that make me a bad person? But ususally when I take a step back I realize how lucky I am to carry a baby to term I can talk myself down from the going crazy ledge. It also helps to have Leah, I am clinging onto every last solo minute with her I have. I also wish I would have made it a few more weeks at work, it really does help to have some time using my brain, thinking about something else and seeing my work friends. I love my work friends and I miss them. Cue song "you can't always get what ya want, you can't always get what ya want" So there are my complaints, but please don't give me any sympathy because life is good currently and it's only going to get better when I get to meet my little man. (No we don't have a name yet) Now if I could just get Leah to sleep through the night consistently....

A few recent pictures of my girl...

Friday, November 30, 2012

My Pregnancy Must Haves

I feel like I have been pregnant my entire life these days! Although its a short blip in time some days it feels never ending. Here is a list of things I must have to survive...

1. Boppy Pregnancy Pillow or any body pillow would do. This thing is heavenly, especially at the end when you are a beached whale and it takes 10 minutes to roll from side to side. Mark likes to steal this when I get out of bed.

2. A good water bottle, I still use the one I got in the hospital. It is big and clunky and spills all the time, but it holds so much water and I drag it around everywhere.
3. Long tank tops. I am tall and not all pregnancy shirts fit me well. Long tank tops under everything.
4. A stash of my go to cravings:

5. A good bra...keeping those growing babies supported, underwire not tight and covers my growing back fat.
And a husband who is willing to deal with your mood swings, your fatigue, your complaints,and the millions of baby items you bring into the house. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's the Little Things...

Its been a crazy few weeks around here....I am officially done with work as I am seriously slowing down because of my contractions, a nasty bout with the flu, getting things ready for baby and Thanksgiving. We are working on getting Christmas decorations up and just patiently waiting for #2. The holidays are not stressing me out, all of our shopping is done and I am just trying to make our house as homey and Christmasey as possible as I am hibernating before baby. I am also trying to enjoy every second with Leah, she is becoming so silly and animated and have I mentioned cute? AHH snuggling every chance I get.  It is the little things around here that have been making me is a short list

- sticky finger prints on my appliances, windows and mirrors. I know I will miss those one day
- I opened up 3 different drawers yesterday to find a stash of pacifiers and blocks that Leah must have placed. It made me smile.
- The pink lint from the dryer- such girly-ness going on this house.
- a stack of freshly washed newborn boy clothes waiting to go to hospital. They look so tiny and so "boyish" All that time I wanted a boy while pregnant with Leah and now I can't imagine actually having one.
- We got electric candles for all the windows for night time...just makes me think of "silent night, holy night" Except we rarely have a silent night around here and won't be having one anytime soon.
- I washed my sling to get ready for #2, made me think of all the hours Leah spent in there snuggled up to my chest....ahh newborns!
- A freshly filled water bottle that Mark leaves laying around even though I know he hates filling it up.

Just a few ordinary day things I am noticing and appreciating.  What little things do you appreciate?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Prepping for birth- round 2

I hit 35 weeks, in no means am I am in the clear as we would probably still have a small hospital stay if BBF were to come, but I am starting to relax on the scares of a premature baby. Nothing is ever 100%- I see undiagnosed birth defects weekly and a "routine" delivery gone wrong all the time, but the commodities associated with premature birth are slightly fading from my daily thoughts.  So in thinking about giving birth again I'm getting nervous and excited. I feel way more "prepared" this time around if there is such a thing. I am praying I go on my own again, like I did with Leah. My water breaking in the middle of the night as not so terrible at all. It made the hospital less busy, it was quiet and the only people to make it to the hospital before she was born were my parents. PERFECT. I did not have to "entertain" and afterwards was quiet and intimate an a special moment for our family. To go again in the middle of the night presents a little more of a challenge because we do have Leah now. SOOOO we have Dave and Heather as our on call babysitters for the middle of the night until my parents and or sister can get here. Praying this all goes smoothly.

With every experience you learn what you like and what you don't like so....

Things I will do differently:
- I will not text everyone and their mother about my water breaking at 1:30 in the am :)
- I will be prepared for the constant vomiting I was not ready for with Leah
- I will try my best not to freak out if there is meconium again
- I will speak up a little bit more about the NICU team attending my delivery (if needed)
- I will not diagnose my baby with down syndrome 3minutes after birth...whoops :)
- I will try to limit the number of visitors - not that I minded too much last time, but Mark had a hard time with the constant non family visitors. It is such an exciting time that I think I forgot we both needed to rest as delivery was stressful for him too (pulling emergency cords, meconium, seeing the panic in my eyes)
- We sent Leah to the nursery both nights, I have already tod Mark this baby is not leaving my side and a baby needs to be with it's mother (in my most Caroline(grandma) voice) --let the craziness begin.
- I will not beat myself up as this list goes out the window depending on the circumstances! :)

Things I will do the same:
 -  Get to the hospital fairly quickly- eases my mind
-  Have no residents or students present
-  Nurse that baby until my heart is content
-  Nurse in front of people (with a cover) and if it makes them uncomfortable they can leave.
- Probably get an epidural, I had a great experience with it.

I think that's it for now...wish us luck!!!

My little cutie!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mark and I finished our 1,000 piece puzzle finally... I think we are going to start another one. Can you say old folks!

Im actually starting to feel somewhat organized around my house. I made a master organization list and have been checking things off slowly but surely.  Mark is good at helping me figure out "systems" that work for me and my ability to destroy things when Im in  rush or stressed. I got some cute chalkboard labels, cute file folders, pens, etc which helps me because it does make it look better in my eyes. I think this is called "nesting" and in between contractions Im getting some done.

About 90% of my Christmas is shopping is done. Mark and I made our list and budget and pretty much knocked it out in a week. I did it mostly online and got some great deals. I have one "secret santa" left to shop for and it will not be easy! Im excited for Christmas already which is not like me so trying not to overlook Thanksgiving because I love stuffing!!

Leah's new room is coming along nicely. Im waiting on  few other projects to get done, but I finished her crib skirt, got some few new accessories, organizing her closet and some decorations. It looks pretty dag on cute. She is also starting to walk around here all the time...adorable! I will post some pictures soon.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

We enjoyed our second Halloween with Leah. We pretty much get the heck out of dodge in our neighborhood, too many older kids not dressed circling the block for candy...not our cup of tea. So we headed off to Dave and Heather's for a fun filled night! All the kids looked adorable and had a great time. Leah did great until she face planted as she was trying to walk and got a huge rug burn on her was all down hill from there. Needless to say there was not much sleep to be had in our house last night so we are going to be recovering today!

attempt to get a pic of the Franklin Grandkids
Second Attempt

The dads doing some trick or treating!
Hayden and Leah

Mid afternoon walk!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful fall and Leah has been loving it!
On her first hayride...loved playing in the hay

At the pumpkin patch

Mom's Group Halloween Party

First Halloween Party dressed as ballerina!


Caught red handed in the pantry snacking on marshmallows

Also Leah has taken her first steps... yea!!!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pretty much sums it up...

THIS post from on of my favorite blogs pretty much sums up how I feel without the harshness I sometimes present it in. She has 6 kids...Her oldest went to college days before giving birth to her now 8 week old. I love everything about this lady even though I have never met her (creepy I know)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Life

We have been having a good ole time around the Franklin household as of late. Leah cracks me up on a daily basis. She is not walking yet, but so darn close it kinda drives me crazy. She gets so scared to do it and I just want to scream "stop being a pansy" , ok lets be honest I usually do say that to her but it doesn't change anything. (You can go ahead and submit me for mom of the year award) We are so close, I give it another month before she is stumbling around. She is a major fan of the stairs and has goes up them like a pro and has learned to go down the "correct" way but we are still working on it. This led to a minor crash in the Franklin Household where Leah fell down the steps and I took a good volleyball dive after her straight on my belly. No I was not thinking and apparently forgot I was preggo. But I am happy to report that Leah was fine and so it Baby Boy Franklin. Mark is still recovering from a heart attack!

BSU homecoming was last weekend and we were excited to venture up to Muncie...until I woke up and was having Braxton Hicks ALL MORNING and could barely walk. The weather wasn't supposed to great so we bailed...we had friends over and still had a great day, but I missed being at Ball State. Homecoming is always the greatest and I love seeing my old teammates and friends. Oh how times have changed. Some days I wish I could go back to my senior year of college and just stay put for awhile. I miss my teammates, I miss basketball, I miss being on a team, I miss the competition, I miss the workouts, I just miss it....AHHH well, just thankful for those memories.

Lewis and Leah on Homecoming Day

Other then that we are just enjoying the fall weather and the last weeks as a family of 3.
Every morning milk and Cheerios in her big girl chair

Mark and I started a 1,000 piece puzzle= total nerds= but totally relaxing.

What I see at night on the monitor, check out the binky stash

What I see every morning when I go in her room...check out 6 binkis on the floor...ridiculous!

1 going on 16...AHH!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


#1. Fall is by far my favorite season ever...This fall has once again secured its place in my top spot. The weather has been great. Leah has been loving being outside at the park and pushing her wagon. Our mums are explosive this year and can't wait to get our pumpkins.

#2. I finally decided on some fabric for Leah's and BBF (baby boy Franklin's) room. I made Mark sit down with me and I took into consideration the smallest opinion he had. FYI he warned me he would have no opinion prior to doing this and he was right, he could really care less. Why do women care so much more about stuff like that?

1 will be her crib skirt pattern. The rest are add in fabrics I am using for changing pad, pillow cases, window seat etc. The room is the perfect color grey and I am looking forward to how it is going to come together.
Here are the fabrics for BBF. Mark really liked the monkeys because they were smiling and happy. So I decided to go with them (not my first choice but ah well) The other animals I think I will use for a boppy cover and maybe some wall art, not sure but we thought they were cute and happy as well.

Now I have to get working on the actual "stuff" AHHH
#3. A friend of the family is leaving today for 9 month trip to serve as a nurse in Paraguay...I'm slightly jealous. I have always wanted to do a mission trip of some sort, but other plans (IE babies)have gotten in the way thus far. Not that my job isn't meaningful, but I can't imagine a more life changing experience.
#4. I'm 30 weeks, which means 10 weeks or less until baby AND 10 weeks until Christmas. I need to start thinking about this as the closer it gets, the bigger I will get and less likely I will want to do anything.
#5. I wonder how many hours of my life I would get back if we would have picked different floors to put down in our house when we moved in...The amount of time they take for sweeping, mopping, hands and knees cleaning makes me shudder sometimes, not that I need any more time on the internet, but I just wonder.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby "To Do"

Well maybe it is time to start thinking about what we need to get done before Baby Boy Franklin makes his appearance in December. A lot of people have been asking about names and My answer is it will be a game time decision probably. That's what Leah was, we had talked about names and I had a few names I loved (ie Norah and Sidney) but when she came out she was neither of those...So I'm assuming it will be the same. Mark and I go back and forth so I am not stressing out, we will figure it out.

 We are moving Leah out of the "nursery" and into the bonus room. It will be her room/play room. The nursery is already gender neutral so it won't need much. Making a room for Leah will be fun since I didn't get to do the girly thing before she was born.  We picked a grey color for the bonus room in hopes to not make it super girly so baby boy will like being in there as well. Mark got the room painted this past weekend, so check that off the list. Here is what we have left:

- Get additional crib
- Get carpets cleaned : CHECK
- Get Leah new car seat
- Get rug for Leah's room
- Get extra changing pad and diaper pail
- Crib Skirt and sheets for Leah. I think I might attempt to make her crib skirt with some fabric I pick out to accent the grey room
- Pillow covers for bonus room (Mark's mom is sewing these for us)
- Maybe a few "boy" crib sheets
- Move Leah's closet (figure out how to organize)
- Get boy clothes from sister in law and unpack my load from Tiffany (triplet momma) wash, organize and put away
- Organize all breastfeeding/pumping supplies
- finish the "kids bathroom" ( hang pictures, new shower curtain)

The hardest part of all of this for me will be picking out the fabric. Ridiculous I know, but I am terrible at making decisions like this and think about it way to much.

Here are a few inspiration pictures, don't think I will do pink bedding, but who knows!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everyday Life

It's been less then exciting around here since the birthdays are over, the basement is pretty much back to normal and we have nothing major on our calendars until the holidays and baby boy comes in December. Speaking of I am 28 weeks, starting my 3rd trimester. Feels good to make make it this far, but will be much happier with full term chubby baby. I passed my glucose test so no gestational diabetes for me, but I am battling a bit of anemia. Maybe that is why I can't stay up past 8:30 most nights?! So just focusing on my diet and increasing my iron and vitamin C consumption. Cereal has been my go to this pregnancy (minus the breakfast sandwiches at work) and my OB said maybe I need to start adding some variety....I wanted to punch him, but only because he is right. Up to this point, we have officially done NOTHING to prepare to for baby boy franks, bought nothing, moved anything, or even really put a thought to it...This is my next venture. We won't need a much, but some planning, organizing, re-arranging is necessary.

Anyways, we have been enjoying the fall weather around here. I broke out my fall my decorations and love how cozy our house feels in the fall. Leah loves the weather and being outside. She is not walking yet, but is content pushing her wagon up and down the street. She is also enjoying the park, swings and slides...thinks she is big stuff. Between the football, fall decor and anything pumpkin I can get my hands on it is once again safe to say fall is THE BEST SEASON of all!

Ignore my annoying "baby" voice

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Weekend Recap

Well the big  birthdays in my house are over...can I say finally?! All the planning and organization about killed my 27 week preggo body and mind! BUT everything turned out fabulous and I think the birthday "kids" had a great time!

Saturday, we hosted a tailgate down in Bloomington for the BSU vs IU football game. We trucked a whole bunch of food, beer and decorations down and had a great time. Not to mention we forgot the hamburgers and mark dumped a whole tray of pulled pork on the ground....we still had enough food :) It was great to be surrounded by our old college friends and reminded me how lucky we were to have such an awesome college experience and the lifelong friendships we have made. I love each and every one of my Mark's friends and their wives. We have so much fun together and I love our families will get to see this growing up. Needless to say the game was way too exciting, BSU winning in the last second...our group of still college wannabes were going nuts and singing the fight song every chance we got. Love me some BSU!

The men in my life!

Final cheers before entering the game!

Sunday we had family over for Leah's Birthday celebration. Of course I wanted everything to be perfect but that soon went to the wayside when we didn't get from the game until 3am and I was up at 6:30...I was exhausted. I went into a little bit of panic, but my mom and dad swooped in and took over. Started making the food and calming me down etc...And all was well. The food was great, I made some super cute decorations for miss Leah and she loved her cake. I am getting extra terrible at taking pictures so a lot of my decorations I didn't get on film :/ but it really doesn't matter. We all had fun celebrating Leah. Not to mention is was Mark's actual birthday as well, I was determined to sing to him as well and I forgot... worst wife ever Leah got some fun new toys and loved being around all of her cousins again. Birthday weekend= success.

Leah and Evan (he was the "official" helper to blow out the candle)

Thinking about it
Going for it!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I have learned from a year of breastfeeding

We are coming up on the year mark of my journey in breastfeeding. It is hard to believe it has been year even though some days it felt like an eternity. Those of you that know me and are around me on a daily basis know that breastfeeding was the most and is the most important "thing" I wanted to do for Leah since well before I even knew who she was. Whenever I imagined having kids an image of breastfeeding would always pop into my head and I felt a little tug at my heart knowing this was something I had to do. In every way imaginable I was not let down by making this choice and committing to it for one year. The health benefits continue to astound me every time I read a new research article and it makes me wonder how someone would not want to attempt this for the health benefits to your baby and yourself alone. We have had a fairly sick free year, minus the recent uti's Leah has had. A few coughs, no ear infections and a few runny noses...nothing to write home about. How thankful I have been.

Looking back on the year we were faced with many ups and downs in this relationship but I know we have both benefited from it. I am proud that I made a commitment to do it for year and followed through even when I wanted to stop. Truthfully, I never really wanted to stop I was just sick of pumping, worrying about my supply, treating my freezer stash as a second baby. It becomes exhausting. Also, having a child who has not consistently slept through the night there were times I wanted to say " Mark just go give her a bottle, I don't care" But something inside me would always get me out of bed to go nurse her, the one thing I knew would calm her and help her back to sleep. I have taken some flack for getting up to consistently meet her needs in the middle of the night, but I am just not a momma who can listen to crying night upon upon night, knowing I can calm her in a few minutes with something as easy as a quick nursing session. Leah is not overly attached to me, she goes to everyone, she does not have any separation anxiety so far... all the "bad things" people warn you about did not happen. Yes, she wants me when she is tired, but that is because she knows how what makes her feel calm and safe. I have also heard people say that the "problem" with breastfeeding babies is they only want their moms. My response (in my nicest tone) Heaven forbid a baby wants to be with its mother. This year has been for Leah and I to get to know each other and that we have. Our nightly nursing sessions are something I have grown to cherish and look forward too. It allows me to slow down and be reminded of how wonderful she really is. As we are about to stop nursing as this new baby is slowing down my milk production, I feel a bit sad. Im not ready to give that up yet, but a 2 month break might be nice before I start this all over again in December. Leah is growing up, losing a little bit of interest and is transitioning well. We well just be starting a new phase of our mommy-daughter relationship.

A few reminders to myself come December:
- The first 4-6 weeks is hard, exhausting, painful, stressful...stick with it
- Never quit on a bad day (quote from one of my breastfeeding mommas)
- When you really don't want to...PUMP! You want that freezer stash.
- Suck it up and PUMP :)
- Don't worry about others opinions, do what feels right to you
- It's ok for someone to give a bottle every once in while ( I struggle with this)
- Remember to try and enjoy your quiet time with your baby
- Side lying nursing is the best way to get some sleep
-Surround yourself with people who support you and are positive

 I can't forget to give a shoutout to my breastfeeding group of mommas. We met through St. Vincent's breastfeeding support group and these amazing women have kept me going. We have all supported each other, offered support and advice, and been encouraged that we all are a bit crazy. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of new friends.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I mean REALLY.....

OK so I threw a mini pity party last week, but oh man does it continue! Mark woke up Saturday morning (I was working) to a flooded basement. Our sump pump stopped working and IT IS A MESS....He spent all day dealing with that. The cleanup people didnt leave until close to 9pm Sat night. I go to leave work Sat night and my car wont start, I needed a jump and that ended up taking 45 minutes. I have some sort of cough/cold and I sound like a 20+ year smoker. Hopefully our house will be back to working order this week as we have some birthdays to celebrate this coming weekend. They will come back to check and make sure things are drying appropriately and then wash, steam and deodorize the basement carpet. While they are here we are just having them do all of upstairs too, so at least that will get done before baby #2. I feel overwhelmed with it all, but sitting in church this morning I thought of a friend who just lost her dad to cancer this past week, a friend who has a baby who is going through a major surgery this week, my sister who is traveling and living apart from her husband, and all the NICU momma's who spend months on end in the NICU instead of at home snuggling their healthy newborn....Talk about perspective. We have a lot to be thankful for and I am choosing that mentality. Soooo on that note it is OFFICIALLY birthday week in the Franklin household. Mark's 30th and Leah's 1st....time to get cracking on the party details!

Here is the "birthday wreath" I made and hung up today to begin the celebrations! This was a fun little pinterest project that took a little time, but nothing a few rainy afternoons didn't help with. It makes me smile!