Friday, November 16, 2012

Prepping for birth- round 2

I hit 35 weeks, in no means am I am in the clear as we would probably still have a small hospital stay if BBF were to come, but I am starting to relax on the scares of a premature baby. Nothing is ever 100%- I see undiagnosed birth defects weekly and a "routine" delivery gone wrong all the time, but the commodities associated with premature birth are slightly fading from my daily thoughts.  So in thinking about giving birth again I'm getting nervous and excited. I feel way more "prepared" this time around if there is such a thing. I am praying I go on my own again, like I did with Leah. My water breaking in the middle of the night as not so terrible at all. It made the hospital less busy, it was quiet and the only people to make it to the hospital before she was born were my parents. PERFECT. I did not have to "entertain" and afterwards was quiet and intimate an a special moment for our family. To go again in the middle of the night presents a little more of a challenge because we do have Leah now. SOOOO we have Dave and Heather as our on call babysitters for the middle of the night until my parents and or sister can get here. Praying this all goes smoothly.

With every experience you learn what you like and what you don't like so....

Things I will do differently:
- I will not text everyone and their mother about my water breaking at 1:30 in the am :)
- I will be prepared for the constant vomiting I was not ready for with Leah
- I will try my best not to freak out if there is meconium again
- I will speak up a little bit more about the NICU team attending my delivery (if needed)
- I will not diagnose my baby with down syndrome 3minutes after birth...whoops :)
- I will try to limit the number of visitors - not that I minded too much last time, but Mark had a hard time with the constant non family visitors. It is such an exciting time that I think I forgot we both needed to rest as delivery was stressful for him too (pulling emergency cords, meconium, seeing the panic in my eyes)
- We sent Leah to the nursery both nights, I have already tod Mark this baby is not leaving my side and a baby needs to be with it's mother (in my most Caroline(grandma) voice) --let the craziness begin.
- I will not beat myself up as this list goes out the window depending on the circumstances! :)

Things I will do the same:
 -  Get to the hospital fairly quickly- eases my mind
-  Have no residents or students present
-  Nurse that baby until my heart is content
-  Nurse in front of people (with a cover) and if it makes them uncomfortable they can leave.
- Probably get an epidural, I had a great experience with it.

I think that's it for now...wish us luck!!!

My little cutie!


  1. I laughed when I read you diagnosed Leah with down syndrome. ;) In all honesty, I had my thoughts/suspicions about Cam too in the beginning. Haha. Can't forget those panicked new mom feelings.

  2. Praying for a perfect and beautiful delivery for you and your new baby!

  3. You all will do just fine. That I am sure of. Leah is a flippin doll! I love the hair!