Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby "To Do"

Well maybe it is time to start thinking about what we need to get done before Baby Boy Franklin makes his appearance in December. A lot of people have been asking about names and My answer is it will be a game time decision probably. That's what Leah was, we had talked about names and I had a few names I loved (ie Norah and Sidney) but when she came out she was neither of those...So I'm assuming it will be the same. Mark and I go back and forth so I am not stressing out, we will figure it out.

 We are moving Leah out of the "nursery" and into the bonus room. It will be her room/play room. The nursery is already gender neutral so it won't need much. Making a room for Leah will be fun since I didn't get to do the girly thing before she was born.  We picked a grey color for the bonus room in hopes to not make it super girly so baby boy will like being in there as well. Mark got the room painted this past weekend, so check that off the list. Here is what we have left:

- Get additional crib
- Get carpets cleaned : CHECK
- Get Leah new car seat
- Get rug for Leah's room
- Get extra changing pad and diaper pail
- Crib Skirt and sheets for Leah. I think I might attempt to make her crib skirt with some fabric I pick out to accent the grey room
- Pillow covers for bonus room (Mark's mom is sewing these for us)
- Maybe a few "boy" crib sheets
- Move Leah's closet (figure out how to organize)
- Get boy clothes from sister in law and unpack my load from Tiffany (triplet momma) wash, organize and put away
- Organize all breastfeeding/pumping supplies
- finish the "kids bathroom" ( hang pictures, new shower curtain)

The hardest part of all of this for me will be picking out the fabric. Ridiculous I know, but I am terrible at making decisions like this and think about it way to much.

Here are a few inspiration pictures, don't think I will do pink bedding, but who knows!


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  1. TWO cribs!!! Wonderful. I hadn't even thought about that fact.