Sunday, September 9, 2012

I mean REALLY.....

OK so I threw a mini pity party last week, but oh man does it continue! Mark woke up Saturday morning (I was working) to a flooded basement. Our sump pump stopped working and IT IS A MESS....He spent all day dealing with that. The cleanup people didnt leave until close to 9pm Sat night. I go to leave work Sat night and my car wont start, I needed a jump and that ended up taking 45 minutes. I have some sort of cough/cold and I sound like a 20+ year smoker. Hopefully our house will be back to working order this week as we have some birthdays to celebrate this coming weekend. They will come back to check and make sure things are drying appropriately and then wash, steam and deodorize the basement carpet. While they are here we are just having them do all of upstairs too, so at least that will get done before baby #2. I feel overwhelmed with it all, but sitting in church this morning I thought of a friend who just lost her dad to cancer this past week, a friend who has a baby who is going through a major surgery this week, my sister who is traveling and living apart from her husband, and all the NICU momma's who spend months on end in the NICU instead of at home snuggling their healthy newborn....Talk about perspective. We have a lot to be thankful for and I am choosing that mentality. Soooo on that note it is OFFICIALLY birthday week in the Franklin household. Mark's 30th and Leah's 1st....time to get cracking on the party details!

Here is the "birthday wreath" I made and hung up today to begin the celebrations! This was a fun little pinterest project that took a little time, but nothing a few rainy afternoons didn't help with. It makes me smile!

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