Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pregnancy Part One

April 26th- D-DAY! The day I peed on a stick to freak Mark out and in turn freaked myself out! Mark had mentioned that I had not had a period in awhile and I just shrugged him off because I am usually on that kind of thing. Then I got to thinking and I couldn't remember either. Off to the store I went and bought the cheapo test. I just knew it would be negative because it was the middle of the day and I had been chugging water. Welp, as I am going to the bathroom the test is turning positive. "fluke" I think. Leave the bathroom, chug some water and go pee again. Positive mid stream....CRAP! I instantly started crying as I became overcame with emotions. Mark got home a little bit later and lets just say his reaction was just like mine. SHOCK, PANIC, FEAR, SHOCK and more SHOCK. I cried, Mark drank and we basically agreed that I would call the doctor and figure this out. The next day they squeezed me in and turns out I was 7 weeks pregnant, heart beating and all. The panic continued and Mark and I decided to ignore this tiny new development and re visit the situation in a few weeks. I mean how horrible does this sound? I feel like a terrible mother even just writing it, but it is the truth. The next thing I knew it was my 12 week appointment and I was doing my first trimester screens...Healthy early signs of anything to be concerned about. Mark asked if I wanted to tell people and we let a few friends in on the secret, but I needed a few more weeks. 16 weeks rolls around, still needed more time. At our 20 week anatomy scan we found we are having a BOY. But more importantly he is healthy.  I cried during the ultrasound and thought "there is actually a baby in there" Mark laughed and said " Did you think it was going to go away!" Maybe I did, but there he was....moving around, hiding behind my placenta and showing us his manhood. I am currently 24 weeks, feelings tons of movement, exhausted, terrible back pain, but am excited for this new little baby to enter into our world. When I see a tiny baby I just think about how wonderful newborns are and I can't wait to snuggle and get to know this new person God has given me. I am scared to death honestly, how I will manage it all. Leah will only just be 15 months. I'm scared I will miss out on her ever changing ways. I get sad thinking it will never just be me and her again. I am sad and angry school has been put on hold for a year. I think about nursing another baby for another entire year and part of me wants to scream...I HATE PUMPING! :) The things I worry about are minor as there are much much worse things then a new baby. I just needed some acceptance time and knew I would come around eventually whether it be 12 weeks or 6 months. Now on to the "to do" list to get ready for baby...we still have one so shouldn't be too hard right?! AHH! Thanks for letting me rant!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can We Catch A Break....

I seriously do not know where the month of August went. I can't believe it's almost over. The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. A week of vacation must have meant that life was going to hit hard when we got back. We woke up Sunday morning of getting home from vacation to Leah with a fever. Long story short, she had a very high fever for 48 hours before going to the pediatrician and figuring out she had a urinary tract infection. I will spare you the the horror of trying to get a urine sample on a baby, but I will say this momma bear went into nurse mode, took matters into her own hands and got the job done! She was sick the entire week and started feeling like herself again last Friday. Oh did I forget to mention that Mark was gone ALL week in Chicago for his new job training?!?! Dealing with a sick kid by yourself SUCKS!

We had planned a tripped to Chicago in the beginning of the summer to visit our friends and celebrate Mark's 30th. So Friday, after debating whether to go or not, my mom kicked me out the door to Chi-town. Mark and I had a great weekend together and I managed to not miss Leah as much as I thought I would! Sunday when I got home, Leah was attached to my hip, couldn't put her down or the bloody screams began. Not sure if she thought I would leave again or what. I woke up Monday morning and within 45 minutes  I had such severe back pain, I could barely walk and I could not pick up Leah. Holy Crap! With the help of my moms group I managed to get to a chiropractor and get some minor relief. I sucked up going to work Tuesday, taking a super easy assignment and not walking all day! I have so much to get done, piles of laundry, unpacking from trips, birthday parties looming over my head and all I can do is sit, ice my back and make feeble attempts to pick up my daughter. Oh did I mention Mark was in Chicago AGAIN...ALL WEEK for more training. Try not being able to pick up your daughter when you are the only one around. I want to cry, but time to put my big girl panties on and get over it. I need to do what I can and quit feeling sorry for myself...okay...maybe another 5 mins of self loathing! Here is to hoping the week ends better then it started!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here are some pictures from our recent vacation to Lake Michigan. We has never been before, but it was absolutely beautiful. The weather was almost a little too chilly as we only had two good pool days. But the place we stayed at had tons of activities and we kept busy. Leah had a great time chasing around her cousins, especially Lilly and Diana. She wanted to do everything they did. The place we stayed had a hotel, cottages and houses. We stayed in the cottages a few nights and then had a house. It was almost deserted up there which was nice with 6 kids under 5yoa. One day we took the ferry to Mackinaw island, did the 8mile bike ride around the island which was my favorite and had lunch. It was some good old fashioned family fun.
Nightly walk minus Drew

All 6 Bajo cousins

View walking up to hotel
Lilly's Senior Soccer Pic

Silly Evan with undies on his head

Life size chess board. Pretty neat

Smore time for Lilly

Leah and Dad making smores around the fire

My water baby

Cupcakes for Alex's Birthday

Leah and Drew trapped in strollers

Bike ride around Mackinaw Island

Diana holding Leah

Aftermath of first ice cream cone
Loved the sand.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


We just got home from a week vacation up at Lake Michigan...We had never been there before and man was it beautiful. More details to come, but for now I am unpacking, laundry, dealing with a baby who has a fever after I decided to pick up an extra work shift tomorrow, and a husband who is starting a new job tomorrow...phewww...Never a dull moment around here. Hopefully I will get around to blogging this week as we are heading to Chicago this weekend to celebrate Mark's 30th...

Family Pic

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leah 10 Months

Age: Ten Months
: ?
Length: ?

Teeth:  Both upper teeth have poked through. Thank goodness!
Hair: Still out of control. If it is not pinned back it hangs in her face, so usually up in a ponytail, but has learned to pull everything out of her hair! AHH!
Sleeping:  Slightly better- depends on the day I guess. But for the most part sleeping through. 8pm-6:30 am. Naps great!
Eating: We are in the home stretch of nursing- only doing 3x/day.  Eats everything, tries everything. Loves her food and snacks.
Movement: Crawling everywhere, pulling up and thinking about cruising. Has learned how to "dance" this past month...HILARIOUS!
Milestones: Pulling up!
Favorite Toys: Pacifier...Holy smokes...cant leave home without one. Sleeps with 4 or 5 a night. Really is a water baby, loves her baby pool! Loves putting things in a basket, taking out and repeat x 100. Books, stacking cups, leap frog table, remotes, cell phones, computers.
Dislikes: Having her diaper changed, nails cut.
Words/sounds: lots of jibber -jabber. says "dada" all day long. Screaming, working on waving.

My pictures stink this month...she wouldn't hold still, wouldn't smile and her hair was a mess! Oh the life!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Fun Bridal Shower

I hosted my friend's work bridal shower this past weekend. With the help of a few others it turned out just great and I really felt like we made my friend feel special. The food was a hit and so were the decorations. I actually didn't snap any pictures but some others did so I will post when I can. Here are the recipes I used.

These mini ham and cheese sliders have made numerous appearances at Bajorek family functions. The recipe is from a friend. The recipe is similar to the one I linked up to, BUT I don't marinate the sandwiches, instead of melting the butter I use it soften and spoon a mini dab on each individual sand which and wrap in foil and then bake for 20 mins. I love the individual wrapped sandwiches- perfect for a shower, dinner, or football tailgate.

photo credit

This Mac and Cheese was a hit. I knew I wanted some comfort food but this was a fancy way of doing it. Yummy!

Pioneer Woman
I also made a 24 hour salad recipe that is Mark's so delish. Lettuce, cauliflower, bacon, red onion in a mayo sauce...mmm!

I made these tissue pom poms in navy and orange my friends wedding colors. They are so easy to make!

Photo Credit

Here was my table inspiration. I used a navy table cloth, white dishes, orange napkins, white vases with muted orange and pink hydrangeas. It turned out pretty!

Overall I was happy with how everything turned out. Cant wait to host another party!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Coming Out...

Well it's official...I dropped the bomb last night...I am pregnant again. I am 21 weeks and we found out it is a boy. The past months have had a wide array of emotions which Im sure to reveal later. But for now...We are happy and excited to have a HEALTHY baby BOY.