Monday, December 17, 2012

A New Arrival

We are excited to introduce Blake Henry Franklin born December 13 at 8:14am. He weighed in at a solid 8lbs and 20.75 inches. It was a very quick labor and delivery (even though I think I had been in early stages of labor for a week or so). I am not in the mood to write out his delivery story right now, but lets just say it was just as if not more stressful then Leah's delivery. Full of emergency cord pulls and NICU teams rushing in. Regardless, Blake is healthy and I am just fine. We are home as a family of 4 now which just seems crazy! Leah hasn't really changed and is more interested in Blake then I thought she would be. Blake has been good, eating, sleeping and pooping...I will take it. This is all the energy I have to write now. Thank you to family and friends who have visited, prayed, sent food and well wishes. We are so thankful for you in our life.  And now for some crappy IPhone photos...

Look at that hair!


  1. Congrats!!!! I feel like your pregnancy flew by!! Enjoy your new little man and I will be waiting for tip on life with two!

  2. Crappy iPhone photo's or not, that kid is HANDSOME!!

  3. Congrats!! So happy for your family of four. :) And he is definitely a cutie! Can't wait to hear the whole story when you feel up to it. And let me know if you need anything! You know I am close by and can bring some food or run to the store for you any time. :)

  4. Congratulations Becca! He's adorable! So glad you are doing well. Merry Christmas!