Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blake 3 Months


Weight: ? Funny how I knew Leah's weight every week!
Length: ?

Teeth: none...yet. But I swear he is teething. All is he does is gnaw on his fingers and is a drooling machine.

Hair: Blonde, fuzzy, starting to lose it on the sides. Has a nice top mohawk-ish look to it.

Sleeping: I love sleep, Mark loves sleep and yet we have the 2 kids who despise sleep more then anything. Blake his a growth spurt and now has been eating every 1.5-2hrs...including night time. He goes right back down to sleep, but Im still up. Sleeps in crib at night fine, refuses to nap there during the day. Starting to sleep small amounts in swing, but mainly a fan of sleeping on our bed.

Eating: Nursing great, hence eating every 2 hours.

Movement: Holding head up very well. Not a huge fan of tummy time, usually rolls over. "standing up" on his legs and thinks he is hot stuff when he does. Sitting in bumbo for a few minutes. Using baby bjorn. Kicking his feet constantly.

Milestones: Smiling, cooing, belly laughing, "standing up" actually falling asleep in swing

Favorite Toys: Still crazy about Leah. Likes bouncy seat, bumbo, his own hands, a his "sophie" he got for Easter

Words/sounds: Cooing, screaming, laughing.