Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful fall and Leah has been loving it!
On her first hayride...loved playing in the hay

At the pumpkin patch

Mom's Group Halloween Party

First Halloween Party dressed as ballerina!


Caught red handed in the pantry snacking on marshmallows

Also Leah has taken her first steps... yea!!!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pretty much sums it up...

THIS post from on of my favorite blogs pretty much sums up how I feel without the harshness I sometimes present it in. She has 6 kids...Her oldest went to college days before giving birth to her now 8 week old. I love everything about this lady even though I have never met her (creepy I know)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Life

We have been having a good ole time around the Franklin household as of late. Leah cracks me up on a daily basis. She is not walking yet, but so darn close it kinda drives me crazy. She gets so scared to do it and I just want to scream "stop being a pansy" , ok lets be honest I usually do say that to her but it doesn't change anything. (You can go ahead and submit me for mom of the year award) We are so close, I give it another month before she is stumbling around. She is a major fan of the stairs and has goes up them like a pro and has learned to go down the "correct" way but we are still working on it. This led to a minor crash in the Franklin Household where Leah fell down the steps and I took a good volleyball dive after her straight on my belly. No I was not thinking and apparently forgot I was preggo. But I am happy to report that Leah was fine and so it Baby Boy Franklin. Mark is still recovering from a heart attack!

BSU homecoming was last weekend and we were excited to venture up to Muncie...until I woke up and was having Braxton Hicks ALL MORNING and could barely walk. The weather wasn't supposed to great so we bailed...we had friends over and still had a great day, but I missed being at Ball State. Homecoming is always the greatest and I love seeing my old teammates and friends. Oh how times have changed. Some days I wish I could go back to my senior year of college and just stay put for awhile. I miss my teammates, I miss basketball, I miss being on a team, I miss the competition, I miss the workouts, I just miss it....AHHH well, just thankful for those memories.

Lewis and Leah on Homecoming Day

Other then that we are just enjoying the fall weather and the last weeks as a family of 3.
Every morning milk and Cheerios in her big girl chair

Mark and I started a 1,000 piece puzzle= total nerds= but totally relaxing.

What I see at night on the monitor, check out the binky stash

What I see every morning when I go in her room...check out 6 binkis on the floor...ridiculous!

1 going on 16...AHH!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


#1. Fall is by far my favorite season ever...This fall has once again secured its place in my top spot. The weather has been great. Leah has been loving being outside at the park and pushing her wagon. Our mums are explosive this year and can't wait to get our pumpkins.

#2. I finally decided on some fabric for Leah's and BBF (baby boy Franklin's) room. I made Mark sit down with me and I took into consideration the smallest opinion he had. FYI he warned me he would have no opinion prior to doing this and he was right, he could really care less. Why do women care so much more about stuff like that?

1 will be her crib skirt pattern. The rest are add in fabrics I am using for changing pad, pillow cases, window seat etc. The room is the perfect color grey and I am looking forward to how it is going to come together.
Here are the fabrics for BBF. Mark really liked the monkeys because they were smiling and happy. So I decided to go with them (not my first choice but ah well) The other animals I think I will use for a boppy cover and maybe some wall art, not sure but we thought they were cute and happy as well.

Now I have to get working on the actual "stuff" AHHH
#3. A friend of the family is leaving today for 9 month trip to serve as a nurse in Paraguay...I'm slightly jealous. I have always wanted to do a mission trip of some sort, but other plans (IE babies)have gotten in the way thus far. Not that my job isn't meaningful, but I can't imagine a more life changing experience.
#4. I'm 30 weeks, which means 10 weeks or less until baby AND 10 weeks until Christmas. I need to start thinking about this as the closer it gets, the bigger I will get and less likely I will want to do anything.
#5. I wonder how many hours of my life I would get back if we would have picked different floors to put down in our house when we moved in...The amount of time they take for sweeping, mopping, hands and knees cleaning makes me shudder sometimes, not that I need any more time on the internet, but I just wonder.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby "To Do"

Well maybe it is time to start thinking about what we need to get done before Baby Boy Franklin makes his appearance in December. A lot of people have been asking about names and My answer is it will be a game time decision probably. That's what Leah was, we had talked about names and I had a few names I loved (ie Norah and Sidney) but when she came out she was neither of those...So I'm assuming it will be the same. Mark and I go back and forth so I am not stressing out, we will figure it out.

 We are moving Leah out of the "nursery" and into the bonus room. It will be her room/play room. The nursery is already gender neutral so it won't need much. Making a room for Leah will be fun since I didn't get to do the girly thing before she was born.  We picked a grey color for the bonus room in hopes to not make it super girly so baby boy will like being in there as well. Mark got the room painted this past weekend, so check that off the list. Here is what we have left:

- Get additional crib
- Get carpets cleaned : CHECK
- Get Leah new car seat
- Get rug for Leah's room
- Get extra changing pad and diaper pail
- Crib Skirt and sheets for Leah. I think I might attempt to make her crib skirt with some fabric I pick out to accent the grey room
- Pillow covers for bonus room (Mark's mom is sewing these for us)
- Maybe a few "boy" crib sheets
- Move Leah's closet (figure out how to organize)
- Get boy clothes from sister in law and unpack my load from Tiffany (triplet momma) wash, organize and put away
- Organize all breastfeeding/pumping supplies
- finish the "kids bathroom" ( hang pictures, new shower curtain)

The hardest part of all of this for me will be picking out the fabric. Ridiculous I know, but I am terrible at making decisions like this and think about it way to much.

Here are a few inspiration pictures, don't think I will do pink bedding, but who knows!