Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Weekend Recap

Well the big  birthdays in my house are over...can I say finally?! All the planning and organization about killed my 27 week preggo body and mind! BUT everything turned out fabulous and I think the birthday "kids" had a great time!

Saturday, we hosted a tailgate down in Bloomington for the BSU vs IU football game. We trucked a whole bunch of food, beer and decorations down and had a great time. Not to mention we forgot the hamburgers and mark dumped a whole tray of pulled pork on the ground....we still had enough food :) It was great to be surrounded by our old college friends and reminded me how lucky we were to have such an awesome college experience and the lifelong friendships we have made. I love each and every one of my Mark's friends and their wives. We have so much fun together and I love our families will get to see this growing up. Needless to say the game was way too exciting, BSU winning in the last second...our group of still college wannabes were going nuts and singing the fight song every chance we got. Love me some BSU!

The men in my life!

Final cheers before entering the game!

Sunday we had family over for Leah's Birthday celebration. Of course I wanted everything to be perfect but that soon went to the wayside when we didn't get from the game until 3am and I was up at 6:30...I was exhausted. I went into a little bit of panic, but my mom and dad swooped in and took over. Started making the food and calming me down etc...And all was well. The food was great, I made some super cute decorations for miss Leah and she loved her cake. I am getting extra terrible at taking pictures so a lot of my decorations I didn't get on film :/ but it really doesn't matter. We all had fun celebrating Leah. Not to mention is was Mark's actual birthday as well, I was determined to sing to him as well and I forgot... worst wife ever Leah got some fun new toys and loved being around all of her cousins again. Birthday weekend= success.

Leah and Evan (he was the "official" helper to blow out the candle)

Thinking about it
Going for it!



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