Friday, June 24, 2011

27 weeks and thoughts....

It's hard to believe I am sitting here at 27 weeks, some sources tell me this is the beginning of the 3rd trimester others say it will be next week, but either way I am in the home stretch. It does not feel like it since I still technically have 13 more weeks. BUT it is something to celebrate. The farther I get the farther away from the "danger zone"  I get, which only makes me relax. But in all my craziness and anxiety the 3rd trimester opens up a whole new set of thoughts, questions, and anxieties. I am worrying less about having a pre-term baby and more about my new role as a mom. A million thoughts trickle through my mind on a daily basis and I am starting to write them down in a journal so I can share them with my kid one day. Another post on that later, when I can sort through them a bit.

As for the pregnancy I feel pretty good, I really have no reason to complain. People have started to notice my belly, I must admit it is still pretty small, I still feel like I just look like I have eaten to much food or need to buy a bigger shirt. I was shopping for some clothes and at the store they have one of those "fake bumps" to try on with clothes. The one in my dressing room was 7 months, I chuckled to myself because the bump was BIG and then I looked down at myself and laughed. The fake "perfect" bump looked NOTHING like my bump. I felt sad for a few minutes that I don't have the "bump" I have envisioned but then snapped out of it because 1) I'm sure that bump will be here eventually 2) I love MY bump, because MY bump is MY baby. I gave a little squeeze to my belly and told my baby to keep on growing the way it wants to (as long as that is healthy of course)

I may not look that big, but I have noticed some major changes over the past couple weeks. I can't move around the way I used to or the way I want too. I am not comfortable sitting straight up, I get out of breath so easy, literally going up the stairs or walking fast. Sleeping has not been fun, I am propping up on pillows, still trying to sleep on my stomach and waking up with all sorts of aches in my back. And as soon as I get comfortable, I have to is so frustrating. I pee 3-4 times a night, which I'm sure will only get worse. BUT if that is the worst of my complaints, I think I will survive. Baby Franks is moving all over the place, it loves my left side and my bladder. I can see it moving on the outside, slightly creeping, but mostly amazing
    I had my glucose test this morning to check fro gestational diabetes, I will find out next week if I "passed" I go to the OB for my 28 week appointment and then I start going every 2 weeks...CRAZY! We have a lot to do, but have some plans on how we are going to get it all done. It is not stressing me out either, it will get done. I am getting excited to start getting everything in order.

So there is the update for the past couple of weeks...we are moving right along!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Men In My Life...A Day Late

So I desperately tried to get something posted on Father's Day, but it just didn't happen. Between traveling and research group project work I didn't get home until 10:00 last night. So I thought better late then never...So Happy Father's Day to the men in my life...a small tribute to you all!

My Dad (Daddy, Paul, Pauldo, Dziadziu (Jajew: Polish for Grandpa): Everyone knows the love I have for my dad, it has grown mountains ever since I have gotten married, which is a complex I can not explain. He is the most sound, genuine, honest, faithful, loyal, respectful, loving man I have ever known or met. He never says anything negative about anyone or anything, sees the positive, minds his own business, and is completely dedicated to his family. Watching him as a grandpa to my nieces and nephews, makes me think of how we was with us kids growing up. I can't wait to see him hold my baby...I love this man!

My Father in law Larry aka the duke, pop, Mr Franks the Tank-  is everything I could ask for from a father in law. He is wonderful, generous kinda heart, loves to talk and share stories, and giving. Always has a smile and a big hug waiting for me.

My Brother Tim : One of my most favorite people in the world...Always makes me smile, always makes me feel welcome and important .  He is dedicated to making family a priority at all times and I love that about him. He loves movies, beer, watching Star Wars with the boys and any kind of game.  Great dad to Alex and Evan.

My Brother Matt:  It's hard to describe Matt in a few words....ornery, loving, jokester, giving, hard worker, big just name a few. The most like me in our family, the one I related to the best growing up, the one who pushed me the hardest, expected the most, but gave me the most. I know I could call him and he would do whatever I needed him to do. His two daughters Lilly and Diana, adore him, he is the one on the ground playing with them, throwing them around and then offering the biggest hugs. He is just Matt.

My Brother in Law Dave: Always has a smile on his face, positive outlook, and loves funny/stupid jokes. His daughter is the spitting image of him and you can tell he LOVES Lila with everything.

Last but not least My hubby Mark: My rock, the only reason I have stayed sane through this pregnancy. Not officially a dad yet, but turning into one slowly but surely. The biggest heart I know, will be filled with so much love for our baby. I can't wait to know him as the Father of my baby.

Happy Father's Day to the men I LOVE the most!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I am LOVING right now...

 This is my newest hair product must-have...don't know what I have been doing without it. I have received quite a bit of compliments on my hair since using this product. It is a thermal spray I use before makes my hair so silky and SHINY...and it smells good. Def worth the 15 bucks if you as me!
The secret to the "Bump It" hairstyle I have become known for at work:) Powder hairspray...I used to use a different brand, but finally found what my hair dresser uses. I have to order it on is awesome! I am spoiled with hair products, but worth it to me to spend my money on them!
Had my first week of fresh peaches= HEAVIN! Delicious, I think I am going to try them grilled next week, maybe with some ice cream...mmm...pregnant lady and food!
 Really digging this crib bedding...I love polka dots and think this is the route I am going to go. I think I will substitute the blue for yellow...yellow and green such baby colors and I love them. Classic, but fun. This is it people!

People think I am nuts for not finding out what we are having... (except you rock!!) But I like the gender neutral clothes. Don't get me wrong the boy/girl stuff is adorable, I am not crazy. But I just love the baby look of these clothes. All I can picture is a freshly bathed newborn, smelling like baby lotion, cuddled up in pajamas and it makes my heart melt....I can't wait for the first night I have that...
Excited for my first smore of the better be ASAP which means we need a fire pit night!
I LOVE these 2 creatures in me life. Mark is wonderful...we are hanging out tonight and we can't stop laughing with each other. It feels good...He makes me laugh and I  LOVE that. All he wants is for me to be happy...and I am! Mark holds Bailey like this all the time...this is nothing new to my household.  Let's just hope he can fit a baby in there as well!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My kid might come out looking like....

a piece of FRUIT....I swear there is not enough fruit on the planet right now to satisfy my cravings for it. In the past week I have eaten an entire seedless watermelon, 3 lbs of strawberries, 1/2 box of raisins, 5 peaches, 1.5lbs of grapes, and a bunch of bananas....Im waiting to turn into a fruit or have my baby look like a piece of fruit...Everything I have read says if you eat a lot of fruit it is a girl...soooo it goes a long with my instincts that this baby is a girl... Alright off to the store to reload my fruit stash...Im such a junky!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts...

Saturday morning and I am up early to work on homework! I am sipping my coffee andlots of random thoughts are crossing my mind sooo here they are...

1. I have A LOT of research homework to do, BUT I am enjoying it. We have a group research project we are doing and I like our topic. I like reading the articles and determining if we can use this information. I feel l ike I am learning something, it feels good. I thought I would hate research, but I am liking it, who would have thought!!!

2. Why does Bailey have to bark at every car that passes by...I find it annoying. I wonder how this will work when our little one gets here. I hope I don't start hating her, she is such a good dog. Please figure yourself out Bailey.

3. If I wouldn't have had a miscarriage I would be 32 weeks pregnant instead of 24. I would be close to the finish line. I wonder how being pregnant with that baby would be different then being pregnant with this baby. Would I feel any different? I wouldn't know this baby if I were still preggo with that baby, and thats weird, because I love this baby so much already. I love both babies...its just weird to try and process sometimes. I want both babies!

4. I really hope I stop have dreams about delivering my own 24 weeker and then putting it back inside after I hold it for an hour...weird!

5. I get to watch Lila in a couple weeks and I CAN NOT wait!

6. Mark was at the BSU alumni golf outing yesterday, I was jealous he got to be with his college buddies BUT i get to be with mine tonight at a wedding. It is the most refreshing time to be with them and relive the good days of basketball. By far one of the top experiences of my life. I love those girls, they know me better then anyone and they are the BEST friends anyone could ask for. I feel lucky!

7. Watching the triplets every Wednesday is something I am going to be sad about giving up...they make my week. I love my time with them, especially Grey the one I took care of in the NICU. If I could hold him all day every day I would, I basically do that every Wednesday anyway. I always tell Tiffany I will take them if she doesn't want them, but she never agrees!

I think that is it...Happy Weekend!