Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Month of Firsts...

I turn 24 weeks this week. Man how time flies. 24 weeks is a huge milestone to some, but to a NICU nurse 24 is the WORST time..haha! This is because we deliver 24 week babies and they are considered viable, we save their tiny little lives regardless of the long term outcomes. All I know is that my little baby better stay nice and cozy inside because I can't imagine having a 24 weeker....And it looks like thats the way it is going to be...staying cozy and warm. I had my 24 week appointment today and everything checked out great. Heartbeat was strong, baby was moving, my uterus was measuring on track...all great signs. I am officially up 9.5 lbs, my belly is growing! Even though my OB asked me if anyone knew I was pregnant because he couldn't tell...very sweet, BUT I have a belly that is sprouting out! It is weird to see your body grow, but it has been fun feeling moving and starting to see kicks from the outside this past week. I really have no complaints on how I feel, I have energy and no strange symptoms, the bloody noses have stopped (YEA!!), the bad taste in my mouth comes and go, but I have nothing to complain about! It has been a busy month and Baby Franklin has experienced a lot of "firsts" this month. Here is the list:

1. 1st car accident
2. 1st plane ride
3. 1st trip to New Jersey
4. 1st trip to the Indy 500 (please if you are a girl, don't act like some of those girls down there or drink as much as your mother has there!!!)
5. 1st actual mom freakout= I was convinced you were not okay for some reason, I dopplered at work and still had to go see the OBGYN to make sure you were okay, You were not moving the way you normally do and that is NOT ok in my book. You are not allowed to rest...and if you do you must twitch every so often so I know you are ok. I swear the nurses at the OB's office are sick of me!
6. 1st week of all maternity pants after losing a button on one pair and walking around with my zipper down on another was time to give it up!
7. First blog entry from your dad. Mark decided to start his own blog for our baby. Mark has not said much about his thoughts and feelings as a dad during this pregnancy and I think it was getting to him. This is a great way for him to get out his anxieties, dreams and hopes. The first entry SHOCKED me. You think you know your husband, but it was great to read his thoughts. He is amazing! Here is  Mark's Blog

I think that was it and I think that is enough for one month (actually 2 weeks) It has been a good start...only 16 more weeks to go (hopefully like 14 which means you will want to come at 38 weeks which will be ok with me!!) That's all I got!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


It has been two weeks since Bailey was diagnosed with hypothyroidism... I have since let go of my guilt for not knowing this about our doggie and we have developed a nice plan for her health. She has started on a medication called synthroid to help increase her thyroid function. She doesn't mind taking it as I have bought mini marshmellows and shove the tiny pill inside and she thinks these tiny marshmellows are heaven since she is not getting treats anymore. We have cut her food back even more then before as advised by our vet. She is surviving on what we are giving her and acting as if she is just fine with the decrease. At night time we are cutting her food back even more and filling half of her bowl with green beans as advised by the vet. It is a filler with no calories. Bailey LOVES it. She is in heaven at night time, she comes downstairs with green beans all over her nose. She knows when I am opening the can and starts going crazy. At least she is happy and still eating. I really feel like the patches of hair that have gone missing are starting to regrow some hair so hopefully within the next couple of months they will slowly disappear. As for her energy level, Im not sure if I notice a difference or not. She is now getting walked every day instead of just a few times a week and we are playing with her more outside. She doesn't mind this, but still is sleeping pretty hard. Overall I feel pretty good about her progress. Yes she she is a dog, and this new routine is not causing much interruption. But we love her and want our kids to know her. I was sorting through baby clothes we got from a friend and I left the room and when I came back she was laying all over the newborn piles of clothes. Made me smile. I hope by the time our baby comes in the fall she is feeling in tip top doggie shape!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap and Some Random Thoughts

I had a great time in New Jersey with sister Mar Beth and brother in law Brian. Despite some minor flying issues, I managed to get there only a few hours late it was a relaxing weekend and just what I needed. I got some QT with my sister, we talked a lot about baby, did some baby shopping and registering. She caught me up to date with the latest in their life and it was nice to see her little life she has created with Brian. I also got to see my uncle, cousin and 95 year old grandma. My sweet old grandma was cracking me up, she had her hair done, her lipstick on and was ready for some company. She recently got a motorized wheelchair, but is refusing to use it. Brian and I had no problem testing it out, after running into numerous things in her house and crying because I was laughing so hard, Granny was getting mad so we had to put it away. We had a nice lunch and then story time began. Granny told me every story she could think of...I just held her hand and listened. She is the sweetest old lady and is just lonely. Makes me miss her bunches, but I know she is in good hands with her Polish caretaker and family around her. I couldn't help but think of my child sitting there with my mother in 20 will go fast.  I had a great time with Mary Beth, I miss her and can't wait to see her in July.

Now I am home, Mark is gone on business for a little bit and I have a few days off. I have a made a to do list a mile long, but yet I sit here blogging. None of the stuff is urgent, except my research homework, but I did most of it yesterday. I looked at my calendar and I only have like 5 free 2 day weekends left until the baby comes. Not very much time, for the amount of things I have to be doing. We are planning on looking at cribs next week...most people probably are cringing that I haven't ordered my crib yet, but Im not worried about it. It will all get done, as long as I don't go on bedrest I'll be good. I have not had the desire to get started on the room yet or anything else, because in my head, my baby is not even viable yet. I mean, if I had the baby today, it would not survive and coming home to a nursery would be miserable. I know that is grim and dim but it is the truth. Oh the joys of working in the NICU. When it comes down to it, I am scared...scared something will happen to this baby, something I can't control. If this was my first pregnancy I wonder if I would feel this way?! I wish I could be naive and not know what it feels like, but I am not. I am scared...I want this baby...I want it be healthy...I want a chubby little monster to take home....but I am not guaranteed that yet...I know there are still risks after the 24 week mark, the only way I will be able to relax is when that baby is in my arms. So does it really matter if my nursery is perfect and complete? Not in my mind it doesn't. I am enjoying this pregnancy, I am enjoying being pregnant, but it is a cautious feeling that only people that have had miscarriages can understand. I am bonding with this baby in my own way, but it has nothing to do with buying things for the baby...that is the least important thing for me right now.  So hang in there with me friends, Im sorry if I'm stressing you out, or seem heartless, or whatever your thoughts of me are. Mark and I will figure this out...We have it under control. We are creating our family and I love how we are doing it. Alright off to check some things off my list...

Friday, May 20, 2011

This Weekend...

Today I am off to visit my sister Mary Beth in New Jersey. This trip could not have come at a better time for me and probably for her even though she won't admit it. This was kind of spur of the moment trip, about a month ago I looked at Mark and said " I need to go see my sister" I don't know why I felt like that all of a sudden, but I missed her. I felt tiny tugs at my heart for her and I knew I needed to go. The relationship between my sister and I is a different one. We are complete opposites and growing up that caused a lot of fights and not getting along. As we have gotten older, that has changed. I have come to appreciate our differences. Mary Beth, MB, Beezer is the most trustworthy person I know and the most generous. I know if I needed something, she would hop on the first plane and be here. It sucks that we live so far apart and her job ( Secret Service Agent...yea she's a badass) doesn't allow her much time off. Like I said, the trip is perfect timing for me. I need a break from all of this stuff going on around here. I have not started anything for baby (all I have is a breast pump and some clothes from my triplet family) and it just hasn't hit me to get started yet...more on that another time. Well MB wants to take me and do some baby stuff this weekend...maybe starting my registry...and honestly for the first time I'm excited to do this with her. She will take away all my anxieties and it will be fun. I LOVE her! Ok I don't want her head to get too big :) So I'm off for 4 days and loving it!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

And Breathe....

It has been a crazy busy week and half...this is the first chance I have had to sit down and think about something else other then what I have to do next...busy busy busy! I'm sitting here with some morning coffee (sorry baby) and it feels so good to not have to race out the door! A brief recap....My car is on the shop after being hit the other morning by someone, Mark's car died, dead that was it after 190,000 miles, we went car shopping, bought a new car, had to take Bailey to the vet, found out she is hypothyroid and needs to go on some medicine, my car in the shop needs a little extra work done, Mark refused to turn the air on so we were camping out in the basement, I worked the weekend, and started my summer research class! Ok maybe it doesnt sound that busy, but making adult decisions (ie car) takes a lot out of me. I know life is only going to get worse in the coming months especially after our little one gets here. Anyways it feels good to just have a relaxing morning, love my morning alone time.

Meanwhile, I have reached the 21 week mark in my pregnancy, that means the count down is in the teens!! Whoo HOO! I am feeling pretty good I can't complain. The biggest change is the amount of movement I have been feeling...this kid is turning circles inside of me. It has been punching my feels so weird! Mark actually got to feel the baby kick this week for the first time... I would like to report it was this magical moment but all Mark said was "wow what's that little f*&ker doing in there?" Seriously babe? Thats all you can say?! I just laughed because that is Mark and I shouldn't expect anything less! I am starting to get a tiny bump, have to wear tighter shirts in order to see it, but it is there. All anyone asks me is "when are you going to start showing?!" I want to punch them, because I have no control over my long torso and baby bump! (HORMONES!) But I love my little bump even if Im the only one who can see it.

How far along: 21

Total weight gain/loss: + 5lbs ( Haven't weighed since my last MD appointment)
Maternity clothes: Still awkward stage, wearing mainly my one pair of maternity jeans, sweats and scrubs. Wore a few maternity tops, make me look a little more preggers
Stretch marks?: No...covering my body in Mamma Bee's oil lotion every night. But this cellulite can GO AWAY
Sleep: Still no complaints, waking up to pee a MILLION times, still sleeping on my tummy, will miss this!
Best moment this week: Mark feeling baby kick, buying a new car
Movement: Kicks, punches and circles
Food cravings: Coke, don't know where this came from, but it tastes so good!
Gender: Surprise!!! My gut still says girl!
What I miss: Not having issues with my clothes...Im used to everything fitting great! I still miss the ability to stay up late ( well past 9pm to be able to get some stuff done around here. And with this warmer weather I missed having a beer on my back porch!

Milestones: Countdown is into the teens! 19 weeks left!

Baby is the size of a Banana...mmmm!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have to share the cuteness of this... I am probably the most annoying Aunt or Cioci (aunt in Polish) in the world. Im sure my brothers and sister-in-laws think I am overly obsessed with their kids and would steal them at the first chance I could get. The truth is I AM overly obsessed and I WOULD steal them if I could. Sometimes I have to be reminded that they are not my children...whoops! Does this mean I will be crazy with my own? Most definitely YES! So anyways, here is a picture of the Evan, Lilly, Diana, and Alex looks like last fall sometime. Impossible to get everyone looking let alone smiling at the camera. It makes me smile!

Here is another attempt, when they were all visit my parents a few weeks ago. Yes, I cried that I wasn't there.
If this doesn't make you smile, you are CRAZY! Here is Diana, Lilly, Evan, and Alex...this looks disastrous and chaotic...I LOVE chaotic. I want my house to be this chaotic one day with my little kiddies running around and possibly the 4 other kids I will have kidnapped by then!  I have to share that Tim and Shonda are adding a 3rd boy into this mix at the end of July= AWESOME= MORE CHAOS! Mark and I will be adding "something" to this picture at the end of September= EXCITING= COMPLETE CHAOS. I have to admit I have the image of this future picture in my head that my kid will be sitting there, spotlessly clean and cute, smiling, and behaving...Doubt it will happen, but it is nice to imagine. Looking at Alex pick his nose makes me laugh out loud!

I had to share this picture of me with Lilly on left and Diana on right. ( I hope I am getting this right) Seriously this is the definition of cuteness...Look at those sunglasses...see having a girl wouldn't be ALL that bad...Ok enough of my gushing and bragging about my nieces and nephews. Back to plotting my kidnapping plan!

I also can not forget my other adorable niece Lila. This is Mark's brothers daughter. She is a breath of fresh air with her happy personality, her nosey-ness, and adorable noises! She just turned one and I think I could add her to the kidnapping plan as well!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weeks 18 & 19

It has been a busy two weeks as my previous posts have detailed. With the passing of our anatomy scan and the reassurance of a healthy baby it has been a good couple of weeks. I am feeling pretty good. Really just being tired is my only symptom, but maybe Im milking it a bit?! Who knows BUT I am being way more productive then I have been, so I am thankful for that.

How far along: 19

Total weight gain/loss: + 5lbs

Maternity clothes: In a totally akward stage...My clothes make me look super chuppy, maternity clothes don't fit quite in sweatpants
Stretch marks?: No...covering my body in Mamma Bee's oil lotion every night.

Sleep: Can't complain minus the peeing part. I am currently getting up about 4 times per night to pee...AHH!

Best moment this week: Anatomy Ultra Sound
Movement: No strong kicks yet, but feeling pretty consistent flutters. I LOVE it.
Food cravings: Still drinking my orange juice and started on some rasberry lemonade. Living on cereal!
Gender: We did not find out...Im still convinced it is a girl. Mark thinks boy.

What I miss: Not having issues with my clothes...Im used to everything fitting great! I still miss the ability to stay up late ( well past 9pm to be able to get some stuff done around here.

Milestones: I guess feeling movement!

Baby is the size of a Mango. Our baby weighed in at 9 oz!