Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun things ahead...

I have some exciting events coming up in the next couple of months. First, I am co hosting a bridal shower for a friend that I work with. I am so excited for her I can't stand it and I want her shower to be super special. I have lots of cute ideas so hoping to get started so I don't wait to the last minute. The shower is in August and then in September I have two HUGE events. Mark turns THIRTY on the same day Leah turns ONE...Holy smokes! I feel the pressure on this one. But after thinking about this I told myself to relax and not try to throw the "perfect" parties. All that matters is good food, friends and family and a relaxed atmosphere. No one will really care if I have a million decorations and 500 cute pinterest ideas...but that doesn't mean Im not going to try though!!! Time to get planning and working. Any ideas? Suggestions?  Time to party!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time to Move?

I have seriously let my house go...I mean it is GONE! Dirty, clutter, stuff everywhere! Thankfully Mark has been in a serious OCD mode and has help motivate me to get going by helping clean some things out. But honestly I thought...Lets just move...because I don't want to clean! How rational is that? Mark just laughed at me and said we can't move just because you don't feel like cleaning or feel like our house is dirty. I mean why not?! The more I have thought of it I have realized that we have made no changes in this place since basically we have moved in. It was a lot of work when we moved in and I think we have just been happy it has been done...So time for a few updates. We are looking at new carpet, I am looking for some new artwork, new pillows, ways to re arrange what I already have, and add a few updated pictures. I think a few new fresh accents will really help me spruce this place up. Meanwhile, Mark has been a cleaning machine...really helping me out. We have made numerous good will trips after decluttering which feels good. The main task looming above my CLOSET and our master bath...wish me luck. It has been on my to do list for 2 months at least. I might just keep using Leah as an excuse ...what do you think?! How do you get motivated? Should we just move? :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Begin Rant...

People's entitlement these days is really getting to me. Yes, I'm referring to mainly families I work with, whether that be wrong or right...I don't really care right now! These people walk in there demanding free meals, gas cards, free hotel stays, free car seats and the list goes on. And heaven forbid the doctor or social work doesn't come speak with them the moment they want them too...never mind the MD is dealing with a baby who is about die or a mom with post partum depression...the entitlement amazes me. Sometimes it is hard to stay professional when all I really want to do is punch them in the face. I don't want to hear you complain about not having enough free meal don't have $5 to get a sandwhich?! We need to accommodate your stay because you can only get a ride 1/week...maybe you should have thought about this before you had  a baby ?!?! Sometimes it is just so frustrating because on the other side of the unit is a great family, working hard to make ends meet, doesn't ask for a single thing and their baby is so sick, has a "broken" heart or a stomach that doesn't is just not right! How did our world end up like this? It baffles me. I guess that's why I am extra thankful and attach myself to the good families on our unit...Todd & Tiffany, Kathy & Ryan, Seth & Emily, Tami & Adam...sorry I am the "leech"that wont go away :)  I promise to teach Leah she has to work for everything she wants and she does not "deserve" anything without working for it OK....end rant...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Im going to get into trouble face!

Age: Eight Months
: 18lbs. 6 oz
Length: ?

Teeth: Bottom 2 teeth are in full force. no signs of the uppers yet!
Hair: OUT OF CONTROL...slightly better then last month as it is getting longer and ok to style. I think it needs cut, but Im too scared!
Sleeping: My enemy....we were good for a few weeks, but back to waking up, screaming bloody murder, so inconsistent. EHHHH :/
Eating: Still nursing about 4/day. Loves to eat her solids. Still struggling a bit with "chunky" foods. Mainly on purees. Loves puffs and cheerios!
Movement: So close to crawling...getting up on all fours, rocking, sliding around on hardwoods and as started rolling all over room and getting stuck under chairs.
Milestones: Saying "mama" " nana" clicking tongue. Clapping, waving (not the greatest wave, but a wave!)
Favorite Toys: Books, stacking cups, leap frog table, remotes, cell phones
Dislikes: green beans, peas, being put down by mommy, SLEEPING
Words/sounds: lots of jibber -jabber. says "dada" all day long....

Hard to sit still

Getting ready to crawl

Posing for the camera

Friday, June 8, 2012

Some Firsts....

We have had some firsts around the Franklin household as of late... Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been feeling a bit unmotivated in the blogging world!

Leah had her first high 103.7 fever. This momma panicked! But regained my composure and began calling all the momma friends I know. 48 hours later it was still high (only the Tylenol bringing it down) we went the pediatricians office since it was over Memorial Day weekend. They tested her for a few things and all was negative. He thought it was just a virus and turns out he was right, as after we left the pediatrician's it went away and never came back! I don't like a sick baby and am very glad this was her first sickness and it is over!

We spent our first full night away from Leah. It wasn't as hard as I thought, BUT I am still not planning on doing it again any time soon. She is back to waking up during the night, sleep is so inconsistent! So we survived that and actually managed to have a good time at a friends wedding!

Leah also had her first trip to the zoo...although still a bit young, I think she enjoyed herself. Her favorite were the penguins, she was talking, yelling and smacking the glass. I went with a few other mommy friends and we had a great time. I know this won't be our last visit.

I have pictures of all of this...but am too lazy to upload them right now.  That's all the exciting news around the Franklin household...I know we are crazy right?!