Wednesday, October 10, 2012


#1. Fall is by far my favorite season ever...This fall has once again secured its place in my top spot. The weather has been great. Leah has been loving being outside at the park and pushing her wagon. Our mums are explosive this year and can't wait to get our pumpkins.

#2. I finally decided on some fabric for Leah's and BBF (baby boy Franklin's) room. I made Mark sit down with me and I took into consideration the smallest opinion he had. FYI he warned me he would have no opinion prior to doing this and he was right, he could really care less. Why do women care so much more about stuff like that?

1 will be her crib skirt pattern. The rest are add in fabrics I am using for changing pad, pillow cases, window seat etc. The room is the perfect color grey and I am looking forward to how it is going to come together.
Here are the fabrics for BBF. Mark really liked the monkeys because they were smiling and happy. So I decided to go with them (not my first choice but ah well) The other animals I think I will use for a boppy cover and maybe some wall art, not sure but we thought they were cute and happy as well.

Now I have to get working on the actual "stuff" AHHH
#3. A friend of the family is leaving today for 9 month trip to serve as a nurse in Paraguay...I'm slightly jealous. I have always wanted to do a mission trip of some sort, but other plans (IE babies)have gotten in the way thus far. Not that my job isn't meaningful, but I can't imagine a more life changing experience.
#4. I'm 30 weeks, which means 10 weeks or less until baby AND 10 weeks until Christmas. I need to start thinking about this as the closer it gets, the bigger I will get and less likely I will want to do anything.
#5. I wonder how many hours of my life I would get back if we would have picked different floors to put down in our house when we moved in...The amount of time they take for sweeping, mopping, hands and knees cleaning makes me shudder sometimes, not that I need any more time on the internet, but I just wonder.

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