Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mark and I finished our 1,000 piece puzzle finally... I think we are going to start another one. Can you say old folks!

Im actually starting to feel somewhat organized around my house. I made a master organization list and have been checking things off slowly but surely.  Mark is good at helping me figure out "systems" that work for me and my ability to destroy things when Im in  rush or stressed. I got some cute chalkboard labels, cute file folders, pens, etc which helps me because it does make it look better in my eyes. I think this is called "nesting" and in between contractions Im getting some done.

About 90% of my Christmas is shopping is done. Mark and I made our list and budget and pretty much knocked it out in a week. I did it mostly online and got some great deals. I have one "secret santa" left to shop for and it will not be easy! Im excited for Christmas already which is not like me so trying not to overlook Thanksgiving because I love stuffing!!

Leah's new room is coming along nicely. Im waiting on  few other projects to get done, but I finished her crib skirt, got some few new accessories, organizing her closet and some decorations. It looks pretty dag on cute. She is also starting to walk around here all the time...adorable! I will post some pictures soon.

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