Saturday, January 22, 2011


It has been a crazy couple of weeks...trying to adjust to my new schedule has been interesting, but I have loved. The worst part about all of it is I have been hit with a terrible stuffy nose and major congestion...if that wouldn't have happened I would be feeling a lot better about everything!

School started....I have to admit I was so nervous walking into my first class...So many different emotions going through me. "Would I be able to do this" " Will I look like a nerd walking into this class" "What if I don't pass stats" "what if I don't like this after I start" "what if I change my mind about what I want to do" "I don't want to let Mark down" and the what if's after what if's starting flooding me. I think it is pretty normal to question such a big change and commitment. I think it has hit me what a big commitment this will be for me as well as Mark...but I am excited. After the nerves settled and the first homework assignment completed, I took a deep breath and felt peace with my decision. It feels good to know that I made the right decision for myself. It feels good to have the support of my husband. It feels good to be able to do something for myself within my marriage. I know without a doubt I have made the right choice for myself. I can't express how good that feels...I haven't felt it in awhile. So I am settling in and busy with reading and homework and enjoying every minute of it!

Last weekend we also went to Cincinnati to celebrate my nephew Evan's 2nd birthday. I can't believe he is 2 already. I remember the day he was born as my sister in law Shonda let me be in the delivery room. That is a pretty cool experience. It makes me feel so special that I can remember them (Alex as well) being born. I love these boys and sharing their birthdays is always fun! They refer to me as Cioci Becca (Chutche) It is the polish word for aunt...but they pronounce it chucky...and I love it. We had a great time being with family. Matt and Lauren also brought Lilly and Diana and it was chaos as always! Love me some good family time!

The Birthday Boy

Alex wishing it was his birthday

Lilly pushing Diana

Monday, January 10, 2011

Officially Starting

This weeks marks the beginning of a new chapter of my life.  Lots of changes are underway. I am officially part time in the NICU...WHOOO HOOO! is all I can say to that! With this part time status change, I will also be working as needed in the Pediatric ICU. My plans are still to work full time hours, but just have some flexibility with my third day, which feels so less constraining to me. I can work an 8 hour shift or work in PICU...I love that I have that option available to me.

School officially starts on Wednesday. I have my first class Wednesday afternoon...It is stats...I'm scared and nervous because I struggled with my undergrad stats class, I'm just going to have to take it a class  at a time.  My other class is on-line and it is a Nursing Leadership class. It seems manageable, lots of reading and writing. I'm so excited to be using my brain to learn new things...I have been craving this. It is going to be busy, but I'm ready for the challenge. Also, starting on Wednesdays I will be babysitting for an adorable set of triplets I took care of the NICU. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to do that?!?!? I get to feed them, hold them, play with them and it is awesome and then I get to leave them! haha! They are some of the cutest kids I know and I'm looking forward to this.  So my Wednesdays are shot with babysitting and class!

So there are all the changes in my life officially starting this week...I am so ready for this change, I need this change and I want this change. I'm sure updates will come...and I'm sure pretty soon Ill be asking if anyone knows a Stats tutor...:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mushroom Soup

I love mushrooms, any kinda, any way and in any dish...Mark hates mushrooms. I hate that he hates mushrooms because I don't cook with them nearly as much I would if I were single....So when I saw this Mushroom soup I decided I had to make it regardless of whether Mark would eat it. I made it for lunch today. It was easy, creamy, and delicious. I highly recommend doing that last step of creaming the celery stalk and cup of soup, it made the soup as creamy as it was. Best of all, It is low in calories and fat. I had it with a side salad and some avocado! MMM!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I phone humor

I found this website called Damn you autocorrect . Auto-correct is similar to T-9, but on the iphone. I have had my Iphone for a few months but I am constantly texting people the wrong things because of auto-correct. This website compiles funny text messages people have sent...This one made me crack up out loud...thought I would share!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE 2010

One of Mark's oldest and closest friends got married this NYE. We had an amazing time...What better way to ring in the New Year with our closest friends, dressed up drinking and dancing. We had so much fun. The wedding was on the Southside of Indianapolis, we all stayed in a hotel down there and it was beautiful. I have never been to a wedding in the Christmas season so that was fun. Here are a few highlights....And next year my bestest friend is getting married on NYE...bring it on!!!

Kate, Me and Alyssa

Our table and BFF's

The Ball State Football Boys...LOVE EM!

Boys with the Groom!

Ashley, Katie and Me on the dance floor

All the wifey's and girlfriends

Scott, Mark, Nick and Conrad

Me and Erica

After Midnight

Mark feeling real good

After the ball dropped with the bride and groom Michael and Lauren

Me and the groom....Love this boy!

Mark rapped and sang a song per bride and grooms request

Dancing with the bride and groom!