Saturday, December 8, 2012

Waiting Game

I was re-reading some posts from when I was waiting for Leah to be born and they sound very similar to how I am feeling currently...only I feel like it is amplified right now. I suck at waiting for is this instant gratification world we live in and that I tend to get caught up in when I am tired and my will is weakening. Why can't it just be when I want it to be? HA! Because the world does not revolve aroun what I want...sometimes I hate that. Does that make me a bad person? But ususally when I take a step back I realize how lucky I am to carry a baby to term I can talk myself down from the going crazy ledge. It also helps to have Leah, I am clinging onto every last solo minute with her I have. I also wish I would have made it a few more weeks at work, it really does help to have some time using my brain, thinking about something else and seeing my work friends. I love my work friends and I miss them. Cue song "you can't always get what ya want, you can't always get what ya want" So there are my complaints, but please don't give me any sympathy because life is good currently and it's only going to get better when I get to meet my little man. (No we don't have a name yet) Now if I could just get Leah to sleep through the night consistently....

A few recent pictures of my girl...

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