Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's the Little Things...

Its been a crazy few weeks around here....I am officially done with work as I am seriously slowing down because of my contractions, a nasty bout with the flu, getting things ready for baby and Thanksgiving. We are working on getting Christmas decorations up and just patiently waiting for #2. The holidays are not stressing me out, all of our shopping is done and I am just trying to make our house as homey and Christmasey as possible as I am hibernating before baby. I am also trying to enjoy every second with Leah, she is becoming so silly and animated and have I mentioned cute? AHH snuggling every chance I get.  It is the little things around here that have been making me is a short list

- sticky finger prints on my appliances, windows and mirrors. I know I will miss those one day
- I opened up 3 different drawers yesterday to find a stash of pacifiers and blocks that Leah must have placed. It made me smile.
- The pink lint from the dryer- such girly-ness going on this house.
- a stack of freshly washed newborn boy clothes waiting to go to hospital. They look so tiny and so "boyish" All that time I wanted a boy while pregnant with Leah and now I can't imagine actually having one.
- We got electric candles for all the windows for night time...just makes me think of "silent night, holy night" Except we rarely have a silent night around here and won't be having one anytime soon.
- I washed my sling to get ready for #2, made me think of all the hours Leah spent in there snuggled up to my chest....ahh newborns!
- A freshly filled water bottle that Mark leaves laying around even though I know he hates filling it up.

Just a few ordinary day things I am noticing and appreciating.  What little things do you appreciate?

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