Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blake 8 Months

Length: ?

Teeth: 2 lonely bottom teeth. Continues to have lots of drool, top teeth look like they might be coming.

Hair: Blond blond blond peach fuzz. I love it

Sleeping:  We are reverting. He is waking up 2-3 times per night. Not sure if it is teeth or what, but I am sleep deprived. It never fails, as soon I start to fall asleep he wakes up

Eating: We are still nursing, probably his favorite thing to do.  Eating adult size portions, he is a horse. Can't keep enough food in him. I would say he loves blueberries the best

Movement:  Army crawling, can pretty much get to where he wants to go. Getting stronger standing at music table an at couch

Milestones:  army crawling, doing the Indian call, occasional wave

Favorite Toys: Leah, remote, electrical outlets, plastic bags ( all things he is not allowed to have) Likes books

Words/sounds:  Indian call, screaming when I leave the room.

Happy Birthday Leah

Weight: 30lbs
Length: 36in

Teeth: waiting on 2 year molars

Hair Has never had a hair cut. Has blondish hair, part is curly and part is straight. It is so fine and hard to manage, I refuse to cut it.

Sleeping: It only takes 2 years to sleep through the night?! Goes down around 8p and sleeps until 7-8. Occasional has trouble going to bed and occasionally still wakes up. She is still in her crib and using her binkis. Napping about 3 hours in the afternoon.  

Eating: Favorite foods are avocado's, mac and cheese, cottage cheese, tuna, yogurt, and anything sweet. Has recently been interested in chewing gum.

Movement: Climbing, running, jumping, dancing, pushing the stroller

Milestones: We are working on potty training

Favorite Toys: Blake, puzzles, coloring book, bitty baby

Words/sounds: Starting to use 3 word phrases. I feel like her language gets better and better everyday.

Leah's personality is hilarious. She is silly, funny, and fun loving. She thinks Blake is the greatest thing in the world. She loves to help me empty the dishwasher, cook, do the dishes and sweep. She loves to take care of her baby the way I take care of Blake. She is strong minded and stubborn and it drives me nuts. She loves animals, especially horses and fish

On her birthday

Her 1st Birthday