Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Life

We have been having a good ole time around the Franklin household as of late. Leah cracks me up on a daily basis. She is not walking yet, but so darn close it kinda drives me crazy. She gets so scared to do it and I just want to scream "stop being a pansy" , ok lets be honest I usually do say that to her but it doesn't change anything. (You can go ahead and submit me for mom of the year award) We are so close, I give it another month before she is stumbling around. She is a major fan of the stairs and has goes up them like a pro and has learned to go down the "correct" way but we are still working on it. This led to a minor crash in the Franklin Household where Leah fell down the steps and I took a good volleyball dive after her straight on my belly. No I was not thinking and apparently forgot I was preggo. But I am happy to report that Leah was fine and so it Baby Boy Franklin. Mark is still recovering from a heart attack!

BSU homecoming was last weekend and we were excited to venture up to Muncie...until I woke up and was having Braxton Hicks ALL MORNING and could barely walk. The weather wasn't supposed to great so we bailed...we had friends over and still had a great day, but I missed being at Ball State. Homecoming is always the greatest and I love seeing my old teammates and friends. Oh how times have changed. Some days I wish I could go back to my senior year of college and just stay put for awhile. I miss my teammates, I miss basketball, I miss being on a team, I miss the competition, I miss the workouts, I just miss it....AHHH well, just thankful for those memories.

Lewis and Leah on Homecoming Day

Other then that we are just enjoying the fall weather and the last weeks as a family of 3.
Every morning milk and Cheerios in her big girl chair

Mark and I started a 1,000 piece puzzle= total nerds= but totally relaxing.

What I see at night on the monitor, check out the binky stash

What I see every morning when I go in her room...check out 6 binkis on the floor...ridiculous!

1 going on 16...AHH!

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