Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everyday Life

It's been less then exciting around here since the birthdays are over, the basement is pretty much back to normal and we have nothing major on our calendars until the holidays and baby boy comes in December. Speaking of I am 28 weeks, starting my 3rd trimester. Feels good to make make it this far, but will be much happier with full term chubby baby. I passed my glucose test so no gestational diabetes for me, but I am battling a bit of anemia. Maybe that is why I can't stay up past 8:30 most nights?! So just focusing on my diet and increasing my iron and vitamin C consumption. Cereal has been my go to this pregnancy (minus the breakfast sandwiches at work) and my OB said maybe I need to start adding some variety....I wanted to punch him, but only because he is right. Up to this point, we have officially done NOTHING to prepare to for baby boy franks, bought nothing, moved anything, or even really put a thought to it...This is my next venture. We won't need a much, but some planning, organizing, re-arranging is necessary.

Anyways, we have been enjoying the fall weather around here. I broke out my fall my decorations and love how cozy our house feels in the fall. Leah loves the weather and being outside. She is not walking yet, but is content pushing her wagon up and down the street. She is also enjoying the park, swings and slides...thinks she is big stuff. Between the football, fall decor and anything pumpkin I can get my hands on it is once again safe to say fall is THE BEST SEASON of all!

Ignore my annoying "baby" voice

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