Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doesn't Get Much Better Then This...

So I got this in my email today...Honestly, I was shocked. I instantly started crying. I feel so honored and blessed to have been asked to be Diana's Godmother. Matt and Lauren have so many wonderful people in their lives who play this role in Diana's life. I am truly humbled. As many of you know my brother Matt and I have had a pretty good relationship growing up. We are alike in so many ways and different in so many ways. It doesn't mean there have been some times where we haven't gotten along or been on the same page. The past five years the dynamics of our relationship have changed with both of us getting married, they have kids know and our paths kinda go in different directions. But I know Matt will always be there for me, at the drop of a dime. I feel so honored that he thought of me to play this role in her life. It only makes our relationship grow. I am so excited. AHHH!!!


  1. So stinking cute! Love it. Now make one of your own.

  2. Diana has a beautiful smile! So cute!