Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Late Birthday Post to my Husband

This was Mark's Birthday, it was my intention to write this lovely post about him for his birthday and it just didn't happen...I guess the honeymoon is over right? Well as you all know life sometimes comes in and knocks you off balance a bit. I have been busy, my mind has been occupied with work and personal stuff so it didn't get done...better late then never! We had some friends over that night, ordered lots of pizza, had a fire out back in a fire pit, made smores, and ate birthday cake! Mark is blessed with some great friends and in turn I am blessed as well.
We always have a great time together, We always have fun
I love this picture because I can see in his eyes, he already loves Lila and I can't wait to see him with our kids
He is so handsome!

As long as he has a beer, he will hold my purse and anyone elses!    He made encouraged me to buy our house and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

He is funny, and goofy, and did I mention cute?

He asked me to marry him and I feel so lucky. I don't feel so lucky that he bought us matching colts fleece's and wanted me to wear it!

He loves Bailey more then me and he is so good to her. He is so giving and loving

I still remember the first birthday I ever spent with Mark in 2007. He invited me to dinner with his friends and I was so nervous. It's amazing to see where 4 birthdays have gotten us, how much more I love him. How much more I appreciate him. He is such a good man, I wish everyone could know him the way I know him. I keep trying to compare him to someone I know and the only person I can think of is my dad. He has so many of his qualities and you all know how I feel about my dad! My sister put it best in her toast to us at our wedding " To Mark, I can only imagine that is pretty amazing to know that you are the one that makes Becca happy, makes her laugh, the one that calms her, the one that knows her the most- more then anyone gathered here today. And I hope you always take care of her like you do now, give her hugs and listen- and keep doing the little things that make all the difference."

I think that is just perfect! Happy 28th Birthday Mark!

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  1. so sweet, Bec! you two are a hot couple and baby ben/aretha are going to be blessed little babes!