Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think I am in love...

So we went looking for paint last night, trying to finally get started and tackle some of these projects hanging over my head....I fell in love with this paint color, so we got a sample and I fell even more in love with it when we tested it on the wall...only to look over at Mark someone with a huge smile on my face and all he had to say was " it is sooo boring!!!" I wanted to cry! Wait, it gets better...I come home from work tonight, look at the paint in the daylight and I am officially obsessed with this paint color, Mark tells me lets try a green color.( Did I mention our kitchen is a bright, burnt orange!) ..I wanted to vomit be open to his suggestions, but I love this color! I guess worse comes to worse, we can always paint the office this color, it will look good in our Ball State room...sooo we are stuck...going back to look for more colors, when all I really want to do is scream, shout, and pout until I get what I want...back to the drawing board I guess, but seriously what male really cares that much! MINE!!!

I know it is just a paint color, but I love it on my walls! AHH!!

On a brighter note we picked a yellow/gold color for the bathroom, I will be taping and painting next week... bring on the home improvements!