Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Cleaning

You know how sometimes you look around your house and you say " This place is disgusting!" or "This place needs a good scrub down?"  This is where I'm at! I am dreading I decided since I love everything about Fall, that I will put Fall in front of it and maybe that will make it more fun! I do have a  small confession...We do have a cleaning lady....BUT she only comes once a month or when we have people coming just makes my life easier and it is one less time that I have to do it...I am so spoiled loved by my husband. It is a tiny luxury that doesn't cost us too much! So here is my list of what needs to get done...

1. Clean out pantry and discard/donate the stuff we won't eat or is expired
2. Wash windows
3. Baseboards ( I might be asking the cleaning lady to do this)
4. Empty about 5 kitchen cabinets with our entertaining stuff and reorganize ( I'm really bad at putting things back where they belong)
5. Empty Hallway closet/donate old coats and get rid of mismatched gloves, hats and scarves
6. Clean out linen closet/ wash towels and sheets and reorganize
7. Go through my closet, donate clothes to goodwill
8. Clean out and wash refrigerator (maybe defrost freezer- this sounds like a lot of work)

I think this is a good starter list!  My sister in law Heather is going to be coming over and giving me some tips on organizing my closets (I lack in this) and she is starting a portfolio to maybe start doing this for some extra cash. I will post some pictures when she comes next week.

Any other FALL cleaning things to add to my list??


  1. Add to list - clean brooke's house and car and barn

  2. After having my windows open all summer, I like to dust my blinds and sweep/vacuum my drapes :)
    Don't forget to winterize your yard and patio!

  3. fly to japan and clean megan's house :)