Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good-Bye Fluff...

School has started for the semester...I am taking 2 classes, 8 credit hours and to put it nicely it is time to say goodbye to the "fluff" classes I took in previous semesters. I am currently in Pathophysiology and independent research study and I am scared..haha! I was not very good at Patho in my undergrad, so this will be interesting. Our first week of assignments is a "review" of basically the whole year of undergrad patho...awesome! I have really had to hone in on my previous study skills, it amazing how easy those are to forget, and I am beginning to remember. I know what works for me and what doesn't and having to tend to a 4month old doesn't. So I have been waiting until she is in bed at night to do a majority of my studying, so 7:30-10:30. This week it has worked out well, who knows about next week. In all of this, I am EXCITED! I am excited to learn, to begin getting into the meat of the program and what I will need to know when I am practicing. I am up for the challenge and the days I am not, I play with Leah a little more! I have my actually first day of class this Thursday, that is always a little nerve wrecking, but it will be nice to meet the PNP students. Another tidbit is that my professor for patho is a nurse I work with...time to start sucking up :)
Thickest book ever!


  1. I'm trying to think who your teacher might be...

  2. It's me. I teach patho in my spare time.

    I'm not sure I remember any patho. At all.