Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting me through...

Exhausted is an understatement...Leah is not sleeping well. She has had a cold for over a week now and I think she is starting to teeth and with that the nights are fragments of sleep placed together, waking up in the chair a few hours later, and early mornings. I'm dreaming of 5+ hours of sleep uninterrupted. I'm lost as a mom as to whether she is hungry, doesn't feel good or just wants to be with me...I am debating some cry it out methods, but it just seems cruel when she is so young...any thoughts or suggestions?

So here is what gets my through my exhaustion...this sweet, talkative, little girl...I am so in love!


  1. awwww hugs. Both of my kids slept through the night very early and consistently, if you want to talk through some ideas, let me know.

  2. Becca ~

    I was reluctant to try Cry it Out, but it really does work. By the 3rd night, Callie was always sleeping through the night again. We did a method where you go in every 5 minutes to let them know that you are still there, you don't talk to them or pick them. It is really hard to do, but Callie never cried for more than an hour...every night the amount of crying decreased and by the 3rd night when she was sleeping was so worth it. If you end up trying it and need some encouragment give me a call. :)