Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be a Star


One of the breastfeeding support groups I go to posted this...I cried. It is simple and beautiful. It reminded me what a wonderful thing I am doing by breastfeeding Leah. It made me feel good.

During my pregnancy the only thing I was set on the entire time was that of the decision to breastfeed. If everything else went wrong and I could still breastfeed it would be a success in my eyes. I was pretty open about my desires as well and people would ask me why I felt so strongly about it. First, the health benefits to your child are amazing. Here is some information on the benefits of breastfeeding it is astounding to me what a healthy choice for your baby and yourself breastfeeding is. Seeing the sickest babies every day I knew this was important for my baby.

I have always wanted to be a mom, growing up I have always said I want a lot of kids. When Mark and I were preparing to get married I told him that one of my main life callings is to be mom.  Being a mom was something I have always pictured myself doing. And with those visions I had it was always breastfeeding my baby. I would always imagine rocking my infant, nursing and putting the baby to sleep. I felt this inner urge to have this bond with my baby. Now that I have successfully breastfed for 4 months (yea :)) I feel so proud and even feel more strongly about the powers of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is hard, I underestimated how challenging it would be- but it is so worth it. I feel so bonded with Leah- that I can provide her sole source of nutrition all the while being able to comfort, calm and make her feel secure. It only seems fitting that I would have a baby that LOVES to nurse- and this is Leah. She becomes the sweetest little thing during our nursing sessions and after. She smiles, becomes calm and looks around. No matter how hard the day is, when I stop to nurse her I always feel this overwhelming gush of love for her. I am so happy I am able to give her this gift, as well as myself. It has been the best decision for our family. My goal is to breastfeed Leah until she is one... here is to 8 more months of nursing!


  1. so glad it is going well!! I was only able to minimally with both kids (darn preemies) and wish I'd been able to experience more of those moments. Good luck, I'm sure you'll meet your goal!

  2. People often unestimate what a huge commitment breast feeding is. Keep it up and give me some serious support. I really want to make the one year mark this time but I never have.

  3. It's so funny that the one thing I was really wishy-washy about was breastfeeding. I never understood it, really, and didn't want to. My husband is the one who encouraged me to try and I ended up finding it was easier for both baby and myself. I THOROUGHLY enjoy it now! I couldn't see feeding my child any other way!