Friday, May 20, 2011

This Weekend...

Today I am off to visit my sister Mary Beth in New Jersey. This trip could not have come at a better time for me and probably for her even though she won't admit it. This was kind of spur of the moment trip, about a month ago I looked at Mark and said " I need to go see my sister" I don't know why I felt like that all of a sudden, but I missed her. I felt tiny tugs at my heart for her and I knew I needed to go. The relationship between my sister and I is a different one. We are complete opposites and growing up that caused a lot of fights and not getting along. As we have gotten older, that has changed. I have come to appreciate our differences. Mary Beth, MB, Beezer is the most trustworthy person I know and the most generous. I know if I needed something, she would hop on the first plane and be here. It sucks that we live so far apart and her job ( Secret Service Agent...yea she's a badass) doesn't allow her much time off. Like I said, the trip is perfect timing for me. I need a break from all of this stuff going on around here. I have not started anything for baby (all I have is a breast pump and some clothes from my triplet family) and it just hasn't hit me to get started yet...more on that another time. Well MB wants to take me and do some baby stuff this weekend...maybe starting my registry...and honestly for the first time I'm excited to do this with her. She will take away all my anxieties and it will be fun. I LOVE her! Ok I don't want her head to get too big :) So I'm off for 4 days and loving it!!!!

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