Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have to share the cuteness of this... I am probably the most annoying Aunt or Cioci (aunt in Polish) in the world. Im sure my brothers and sister-in-laws think I am overly obsessed with their kids and would steal them at the first chance I could get. The truth is I AM overly obsessed and I WOULD steal them if I could. Sometimes I have to be reminded that they are not my children...whoops! Does this mean I will be crazy with my own? Most definitely YES! So anyways, here is a picture of the Evan, Lilly, Diana, and Alex looks like last fall sometime. Impossible to get everyone looking let alone smiling at the camera. It makes me smile!

Here is another attempt, when they were all visit my parents a few weeks ago. Yes, I cried that I wasn't there.
If this doesn't make you smile, you are CRAZY! Here is Diana, Lilly, Evan, and Alex...this looks disastrous and chaotic...I LOVE chaotic. I want my house to be this chaotic one day with my little kiddies running around and possibly the 4 other kids I will have kidnapped by then!  I have to share that Tim and Shonda are adding a 3rd boy into this mix at the end of July= AWESOME= MORE CHAOS! Mark and I will be adding "something" to this picture at the end of September= EXCITING= COMPLETE CHAOS. I have to admit I have the image of this future picture in my head that my kid will be sitting there, spotlessly clean and cute, smiling, and behaving...Doubt it will happen, but it is nice to imagine. Looking at Alex pick his nose makes me laugh out loud!

I had to share this picture of me with Lilly on left and Diana on right. ( I hope I am getting this right) Seriously this is the definition of cuteness...Look at those sunglasses...see having a girl wouldn't be ALL that bad...Ok enough of my gushing and bragging about my nieces and nephews. Back to plotting my kidnapping plan!

I also can not forget my other adorable niece Lila. This is Mark's brothers daughter. She is a breath of fresh air with her happy personality, her nosey-ness, and adorable noises! She just turned one and I think I could add her to the kidnapping plan as well!


  1. I assume you mean Lilly is on YOUR left and Diana is on YOUR right, in which case you would be correct. :) Love the post! You can kidnap my kids any time!!

  2. Thanks for including Lila in the child heist plans!