Saturday, May 28, 2011


It has been two weeks since Bailey was diagnosed with hypothyroidism... I have since let go of my guilt for not knowing this about our doggie and we have developed a nice plan for her health. She has started on a medication called synthroid to help increase her thyroid function. She doesn't mind taking it as I have bought mini marshmellows and shove the tiny pill inside and she thinks these tiny marshmellows are heaven since she is not getting treats anymore. We have cut her food back even more then before as advised by our vet. She is surviving on what we are giving her and acting as if she is just fine with the decrease. At night time we are cutting her food back even more and filling half of her bowl with green beans as advised by the vet. It is a filler with no calories. Bailey LOVES it. She is in heaven at night time, she comes downstairs with green beans all over her nose. She knows when I am opening the can and starts going crazy. At least she is happy and still eating. I really feel like the patches of hair that have gone missing are starting to regrow some hair so hopefully within the next couple of months they will slowly disappear. As for her energy level, Im not sure if I notice a difference or not. She is now getting walked every day instead of just a few times a week and we are playing with her more outside. She doesn't mind this, but still is sleeping pretty hard. Overall I feel pretty good about her progress. Yes she she is a dog, and this new routine is not causing much interruption. But we love her and want our kids to know her. I was sorting through baby clothes we got from a friend and I left the room and when I came back she was laying all over the newborn piles of clothes. Made me smile. I hope by the time our baby comes in the fall she is feeling in tip top doggie shape!

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  1. So cute! We'll use her in the newborn photoshoot