Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Month of Firsts...

I turn 24 weeks this week. Man how time flies. 24 weeks is a huge milestone to some, but to a NICU nurse 24 is the WORST time..haha! This is because we deliver 24 week babies and they are considered viable, we save their tiny little lives regardless of the long term outcomes. All I know is that my little baby better stay nice and cozy inside because I can't imagine having a 24 weeker....And it looks like thats the way it is going to be...staying cozy and warm. I had my 24 week appointment today and everything checked out great. Heartbeat was strong, baby was moving, my uterus was measuring on track...all great signs. I am officially up 9.5 lbs, my belly is growing! Even though my OB asked me if anyone knew I was pregnant because he couldn't tell...very sweet, BUT I have a belly that is sprouting out! It is weird to see your body grow, but it has been fun feeling moving and starting to see kicks from the outside this past week. I really have no complaints on how I feel, I have energy and no strange symptoms, the bloody noses have stopped (YEA!!), the bad taste in my mouth comes and go, but I have nothing to complain about! It has been a busy month and Baby Franklin has experienced a lot of "firsts" this month. Here is the list:

1. 1st car accident
2. 1st plane ride
3. 1st trip to New Jersey
4. 1st trip to the Indy 500 (please if you are a girl, don't act like some of those girls down there or drink as much as your mother has there!!!)
5. 1st actual mom freakout= I was convinced you were not okay for some reason, I dopplered at work and still had to go see the OBGYN to make sure you were okay, You were not moving the way you normally do and that is NOT ok in my book. You are not allowed to rest...and if you do you must twitch every so often so I know you are ok. I swear the nurses at the OB's office are sick of me!
6. 1st week of all maternity pants after losing a button on one pair and walking around with my zipper down on another was time to give it up!
7. First blog entry from your dad. Mark decided to start his own blog for our baby. Mark has not said much about his thoughts and feelings as a dad during this pregnancy and I think it was getting to him. This is a great way for him to get out his anxieties, dreams and hopes. The first entry SHOCKED me. You think you know your husband, but it was great to read his thoughts. He is amazing! Here is  Mark's Blog

I think that was it and I think that is enough for one month (actually 2 weeks) It has been a good start...only 16 more weeks to go (hopefully like 14 which means you will want to come at 38 weeks which will be ok with me!!) That's all I got!!!


  1. All of my friends would say "don't you feel great now? You are 24 weeks!" Um, nope. I felt exactly like you. 22-30 weeks was the hardest!

    Praying for healthy and term :-)

  2. Amen sister!! We know too flipping much.