Monday, May 16, 2011

And Breathe....

It has been a crazy busy week and half...this is the first chance I have had to sit down and think about something else other then what I have to do next...busy busy busy! I'm sitting here with some morning coffee (sorry baby) and it feels so good to not have to race out the door! A brief recap....My car is on the shop after being hit the other morning by someone, Mark's car died, dead that was it after 190,000 miles, we went car shopping, bought a new car, had to take Bailey to the vet, found out she is hypothyroid and needs to go on some medicine, my car in the shop needs a little extra work done, Mark refused to turn the air on so we were camping out in the basement, I worked the weekend, and started my summer research class! Ok maybe it doesnt sound that busy, but making adult decisions (ie car) takes a lot out of me. I know life is only going to get worse in the coming months especially after our little one gets here. Anyways it feels good to just have a relaxing morning, love my morning alone time.

Meanwhile, I have reached the 21 week mark in my pregnancy, that means the count down is in the teens!! Whoo HOO! I am feeling pretty good I can't complain. The biggest change is the amount of movement I have been feeling...this kid is turning circles inside of me. It has been punching my feels so weird! Mark actually got to feel the baby kick this week for the first time... I would like to report it was this magical moment but all Mark said was "wow what's that little f*&ker doing in there?" Seriously babe? Thats all you can say?! I just laughed because that is Mark and I shouldn't expect anything less! I am starting to get a tiny bump, have to wear tighter shirts in order to see it, but it is there. All anyone asks me is "when are you going to start showing?!" I want to punch them, because I have no control over my long torso and baby bump! (HORMONES!) But I love my little bump even if Im the only one who can see it.

How far along: 21

Total weight gain/loss: + 5lbs ( Haven't weighed since my last MD appointment)
Maternity clothes: Still awkward stage, wearing mainly my one pair of maternity jeans, sweats and scrubs. Wore a few maternity tops, make me look a little more preggers
Stretch marks?: No...covering my body in Mamma Bee's oil lotion every night. But this cellulite can GO AWAY
Sleep: Still no complaints, waking up to pee a MILLION times, still sleeping on my tummy, will miss this!
Best moment this week: Mark feeling baby kick, buying a new car
Movement: Kicks, punches and circles
Food cravings: Coke, don't know where this came from, but it tastes so good!
Gender: Surprise!!! My gut still says girl!
What I miss: Not having issues with my clothes...Im used to everything fitting great! I still miss the ability to stay up late ( well past 9pm to be able to get some stuff done around here. And with this warmer weather I missed having a beer on my back porch!

Milestones: Countdown is into the teens! 19 weeks left!

Baby is the size of a Banana...mmmm!

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