Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts...

Saturday morning and I am up early to work on homework! I am sipping my coffee andlots of random thoughts are crossing my mind sooo here they are...

1. I have A LOT of research homework to do, BUT I am enjoying it. We have a group research project we are doing and I like our topic. I like reading the articles and determining if we can use this information. I feel l ike I am learning something, it feels good. I thought I would hate research, but I am liking it, who would have thought!!!

2. Why does Bailey have to bark at every car that passes by...I find it annoying. I wonder how this will work when our little one gets here. I hope I don't start hating her, she is such a good dog. Please figure yourself out Bailey.

3. If I wouldn't have had a miscarriage I would be 32 weeks pregnant instead of 24. I would be close to the finish line. I wonder how being pregnant with that baby would be different then being pregnant with this baby. Would I feel any different? I wouldn't know this baby if I were still preggo with that baby, and thats weird, because I love this baby so much already. I love both babies...its just weird to try and process sometimes. I want both babies!

4. I really hope I stop have dreams about delivering my own 24 weeker and then putting it back inside after I hold it for an hour...weird!

5. I get to watch Lila in a couple weeks and I CAN NOT wait!

6. Mark was at the BSU alumni golf outing yesterday, I was jealous he got to be with his college buddies BUT i get to be with mine tonight at a wedding. It is the most refreshing time to be with them and relive the good days of basketball. By far one of the top experiences of my life. I love those girls, they know me better then anyone and they are the BEST friends anyone could ask for. I feel lucky!

7. Watching the triplets every Wednesday is something I am going to be sad about giving up...they make my week. I love my time with them, especially Grey the one I took care of in the NICU. If I could hold him all day every day I would, I basically do that every Wednesday anyway. I always tell Tiffany I will take them if she doesn't want them, but she never agrees!

I think that is it...Happy Weekend!

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