Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lila Grace

Mark's brother Dave and his wife Heather welcomed their daughter Lila Grace Franklin on Sunday. Heather had a smooth delivery and everyone is feeling good! We brought pizza to the hospital last night and had a mini pizza party in celebration. I honestly have never seen Dave and Heather so happy. Heather told me " I know I wasn't feeling very motherly during my pregnancy, but the second I saw her it just wasn't weird anymore, I feel like a mom, it is just not weird" Brought tears to my eyes... COngrats Dave and Heather

Dave and Lila

Mark, Sarah and I admiring

The next thing that brought tears to my eyes, was watching Mark hold her and love on her. He is not afraid to pick any baby up - 2 hours old or 8 years old. He is such a guys guy and masculine but I just see it all melt away whenever he holds a baby...I can see it on his face, he is going to make a great dad and I love him even more for it!

There have been quite a few babies born on the Bajorek/Franklin side. It is so exciting...How thankful I am to God that all of these babies have been healthy. How thankful I am that we have such a loving and open family. How thankful I am that my siblings let me be apart of their kids lives in such a big way. I am sure I can be overwhelming at times because I always want to be around. I feel so thankful that I married a man who places his family first, even when it is not easy. And how thankful I am that we hope to be able to start a family one day too!...Life is good!

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  1. This is my favorite post!!! How awesome for Heather and Dave and Lila Grace is Beautiful. I love all her hair. I teared up when I read what Heather said, how awesome! Not to mention when I saw Mark holding her, AHHHHH!!!!! (I'm not pressuring, but you both will be awesome parents!) Congrats to the Franklin Family :)