Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Book Review-

Ok- it may seem like I all I have been doing is reading lately, and the truth is, it is all I have been doing lately BUT...I have been sick on the couch for almost a week, plus I traveled to NYC so I had some good airport time with my Kindle. I love my Kindle, so easy to carry, so easy to use and plus I feel cool when I am using( Did i just say that outloud?) This was a great book, easy reading, comical, didn't have to think= my kinda book! It is called "Faking it" by Elisa Lorello. Here is the synopsis if you care:

Thirty-four-year old professor Andi Cutrone has broken up with her fiancĂ© in Massachusetts , moved back to her native New York, and wants to be a better lover. So after meeting Devin, a handsome, charming escort, she proposes an unusual arrangement: lessons about writing in exchange for lessons about sex. When Devin accepts Andi’s proposal, he draws up a contract in which the two are forbidden to see each other socially. There’s just one problem: Andi also wants Devin.

Halfway into their arrangement, Devin and Andi break the rules of their contract and begin spending time together outside their weekly tutorials of drafting essays and dancing while stripped down. As they grow closer, Andi struggles to hide her feelings from Devin and accept herself as just another client while Devin attempts to maintain a “business as usual” attitude. Enter Sam, a New England professor with whom Andi begins a long distance relationship.

As their protective layers peel away, Andi and Devin discover each other ‘faking it’ and hiding their true selves from the world. However, once fully uncovered, both must decide how (and with whom) they will honor these truths. Will she give up her New York life for Sam? Will she hold out for Devin? Is it even possible to be in love with two men?

Faking It is a witty, sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching story about relationships, writing, and getting real.

Liked it! On to the next one!

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