Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leah 5 Months

Age: Five Months
: 15lbs  9
Length: ?
Size:3-6 month and starting 6 months
Teeth: none poking through, but lots of drooling and gnawing. I swear she is teething but nothing yet!
Hair: Still has lots...I swear the color changes daily- blond, brown, slightly red WHO KNOWS! She is getting the classic bald spot in the back from sleeping on her back, trying to increase tummy time but just rolls right to back.
Sleeping: Is still our downfall. She is so inconsistent. Nothing we do seems to be creating consistent sleeping through the night. Still going down around 7pm but will wake up 1-4 times/night. Still self soothing to fall asleep, but in the middle of the night it is just easier to go in there...oh well...maybe one day!
Eating: Stills loves nursing as evidenced by the extreme chubbiness. We started oatmeal this month as she was drinking 25-30 ozs a milk just at the babysitters, I was having trouble keeping up so with the oatmeal she is a bit more satisfied.
Movement: Very active still. Has really gained some leg strength, likes to "stand" Started standing in exersaucer for 15-20 mins. Still remains snuggly :)
Milestones: Starting oatmeal, first swing and trip down the slide
Favorite Toys: Books..loves books! Likes this "baby paper" that makes noise. Finally sitting in bouncy seat.
Dislikes: Is now napping in car seat when time correctly. She does not like the hair dryer, she starts crying when I turn it on. And does not like being put down, I usually carry her around and do everything one handed!
Words/sounds: Lots of coos and talking. Carries on a "conversation" with you!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of her looking at the dog. She is so pretty. Quinn wants to meet her.

  2. What a cutie and she is getting so Big! Love you guys!

    Kelli and Nick