Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My Grammy, Caroline passed away Monday morning. She was 96 and passed away at home. Don't let the 96 fool you, she was a firecracker. Still living at home with a caretaker, she loved to watch her TV shows, talk to her kids and grandkids, sit on the porch, pray the rosary, and be involved in the neighborhood "gossip" She loved my grandpa, who passed in 98, and they had such a loving relationship. She started writing him in the service, got engaged before she even met him and 50 + years later they were still married.  Her and my dziadziu owned their own pharmacy, where my Dziadziu was the pharmacist and she did everything else. They were well known in their community as very generous charitable people. They would buy movie tickets for all the kids on Friday nights. Everytime I talked to my Grammy and she would not be feeling well she would say " I just need to give myself a kick in a$$ and get going" She was tough, strong minded, determined, but so loving. I know she prayed for us every single day. We are headed out to New Jersey tonight for the viewing and funeral. It hasn't quite hit me yet, I'm anxious to see her and my mom. I feel thankful to have faith in everlasting life, knowing my Grammy is up in heaven with God and my Dziadziu. Your prayers for my my mom and family would be appreciated. Thanks for the memories Grammy! I love you!


  1. I'm so sorry. You may not have her stature but it sounds like you two chicks have many common attributes. I am thinking of you.

  2. Prayers to you and your family.