Saturday, March 3, 2012

Disturbing but Fabulous

I am a NICU nurse, we deal with sick kids and lots of secretions...I don't do well with secretions, they make me gag and keeping a straight face around families is hard sometimes. BUT I hate snotty noses more and yucky mouths for that matter too, I'm a sucker for good oral care for my babes at work. SO when Leah was born I carried on this obsession for a clean/nose mouth. Any booger or sign of snot, I was getting out my handy dandy bulb suction and getting after it. My poor peanut hates it, but it must be done. Mark gets mad at me and says I take it too far...I have been known to do that. So we have been surviving with the bulb syringe UNTIL I was introduced to this...the is slightly, ok lets be honest COMPLETELY gross. You suck the snot out of your child's nose with a filter between you and baby. I was skeptical, but oh this works. With a small amount of saline and this handy gadget Leah is snot free and I ignore the fact that she panics when she sees me approaching. Ahh love! The closest thing to medical suctioning at home. please don't judge!

I find this video hilarious and in no way is this how our snot sucking sessions go!


  1. YEAH!! I knew you'd love it :)

  2. Yes! They use those here too! I got one at a baby shower and people love it! Her secretions haven't been bad enough (copious amt) yet but I have it in standby. Glad to know you like it!

  3. loL! we have an electric one..hate it and love it..:)

  4. I LOVE it!! I was introduced to it when Gabe was about 6 mos ... I used it so often, he actually likes it and thinks it's funny LOL ... now Abby, on the other hand, will tolerate it for a short time, but quickly lets me know to KNOCK IT OFF! :)