Monday, February 27, 2012

Bucket List for 2012

Mark and I made a bucket list of 25 things we wanted to do this year in the state of Indiana. I will post all 25 things, but on the list was to try a new growler of beer every month from a local brewery. We love beer, but mind you were are drinking for taste and a new experience rather then reasons we did in college (well at least I am anyways!) We actually ended up with 2 growlers this weekend, the great thing is that after you purchase the growler you bring it for refills around $6-8 = cheap easy date night! We sent to Granite City and tried the "two pull" described as "Created and made popular by our Guests, the Two Pull is a blend of our Northern Light and Brother Benedict's Bock beers. Sometimes the best creations are a mix of great creations" It was a darker beer then I normally prefer but it was actually quite tasty, my favorite of the 2 this weekend. Then we went to Broadripple Brew Pub and tried the "Wobbly Bob American Ale" described as a light copper color,  this pale ale has a nice citrus aroma from generous cascade hopping" Whatever that means! They were good and we can check it off our list for February, with only 2 days to go :)

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