Monday, March 12, 2012

It is time...

After spending a few days celebrating the life of my Gammy I was exhausted. The trip alone, really affected me more then I thought. I could barely function I was so tired and placing grieving emotions on top of that it did me in. After a few loving and realistic comments from family "You don't look so good", " Don't worry you just had a baby", "And yeah I can tell you have gained a bit in your hips, but must be from the baby" I realized it is time to stop making excuses. Mainly the baby weight excuse AND the breastfeeding excuse that I get to eat whatever I want. My eating habits slipped up a bit during pregnancy and really went down hill after Leah was born. Blame it on exhaustion, stress, breastfeeding, anxiety, emotions, whatever it is I have got to reign it back in. Now that the weather has been warmer, I have been getting out for walks and it feels good. I am going to join the YMCA down the street, they have spinning, body pump and yoga included in membership prices...Classes are a good thing for me...I enjoy them. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to go nuts here, but just taking a bit more consideration into what I put into my body so my clothes fit a bit better then they do now. We have a few events coming up in the next months that I am using as goals/rewards for myself. Here is the breakdown:
March 31- We have a couples bridal shower that I would like to feel good at and wear a fun dress. I hope to be down 4 lbs Reward: Date Night/New Work Out Outfit
April 8 - Easter, hoping to be down another 2 lbs (total 6) Reward: Massage
May 4- Hosting an event at my house down another 2 lbs (total 8) Reward: pedicure
June 2- We have a wedding that I hope to feel "smoking" at :) Down another 4 lbs (total 12) Reward: New Dress for wedding/spray tan

I feel like these are realistic goals and numbers to attain. I know usually when I get going my exercise will pick up and hoping to lose 12-15lbs total. I know I am not "fat" by any means but I could stand to lose a bit to feel better, have clothes fit better, and get a little of my muscle back.  Ill be updating on my progress!

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