Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breakfast of Champions...For Real!

Soo in addition to my "green machine" smoothie I have also recently become fond of steel cut oats in the morning. They are SO YUMMY! In my opinion they are better then the regular as they have a grainy, crunchy, hearty taste and flavor! The only draw back is they take awhile to cook, BUT I have also found a way around that as well...From THIS post...go ahead and give them a try! I have been adding vanilla almond milk and blueberries, bananas, and raisins...soo yummy! I also plan on using these when I start Leah on some solid food..instead of generic rice cereal, I plan to grind the oats up super fine and mix with my milk...delicious and nutritious! Perfect!


  1. For REAL!!! Just this morning I caught myself humming "You are really dumb. For real!" Once I realized what I was saying, I thought of you. It is your fault that I even know that song.

  2. Sounds delish! I need to make these more often for myself and get fruit to go with. I'm so lazy when it comes to MY breakfast but the babe always gets the good stuff. ;)