Friday, February 3, 2012

One Little Word

So one of my New Year's Resolutions/Goals whatever you want to call then was to not actually pick a goal but pick a word I wanted to focus on all year. This project called "One Little Word" is a sort of a "class" that offers prompts at the beginning of the month that you can use to focus on your word and ways to cultivate it in your own life. You take pictures, write journal entries, anything that speaks to you about your word, you collect and place in a binder. I thought this was such a cool idea as this is right up my alley, easy enough and simple. January's prompt was just picking your word, defining it, and thinking about what you wanted your word to bring to you. At first I wanted to pick the word discipline...I need a little bit of in my life when it comes to healthy habits, cleaning, work, money etc etc...but the more I pondered the more I realized that one of my downfalls is speaking harshly to myself. My internal dialogue tends to be condescending and judgemental even though it is not that way towards others. I felt "discipline" was encouraging that harsh tone. So I thought of other words that could mean the similar things, but was of a softer tone. I stumbled upon the word NURTURE and it felt perfect. It is gently, encouraging and I feel like I accomplish some of the same things I want to in a softer more gentle tone. So my word for 2010 is Nurture. I love it. It has been popping up all over the place all of a sudden. January was spent thing of different areas of my life that I would like to nurture and planning on focusing on one of these each month. My ultimate goal is to nurture myself, be kinder to myself in hopes to be kinder to others. My new role as a mom is the definition of nurture. I love this new role. But I am trying to learn that I have other needs and my husband has other needs that need to nurtured. Letting myself be "okay" with nurturing my other needs does not make me a bad mother, but it is hard to believe and live this sometimes. So there are a few areas of focus for me. I will be sharing along my journey.  Here is the first page of my "journal" The definition of nurture, synonyms, what I want to "invite" and a few pictures of what comes to my mind with the word nurture.

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  1. Many people have told me in the past that if you don't take care of yourself, it makes it so much harder to take care of others. I feel like that's SO true with a baby now. I've got to make sure I carve out some "me" time and "me and the hubs" time in order to #1, stay sane, and #2, be able to care for Cam the way I need and want to.