Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Fun "Do Nothing" Weekend

This was such a great and might I add much needed "do nothing" weekend as I call it. It was my 4 day stretch off which is always awesome. Also we had NOTHING planned for this weekend which is even more awesome. Mark got home from work around 4ish on Friday and we decided to use the gift card my sister Mary Beth got us to St. Elmo's. AMAAAZING! The food is always good, the shrimp cocktail is my favorite and the wine was perfect. We had such a good time...We were in the basement in area and were sat at a corner table in a little nook...PERFECT. We sat there and just talked over our delicious meals. I can't remember the last time where I laughed so much and was just able to relax. It was a good date night for us.

Saturday we tailgated for the Butler football game and then had everyone back over to our house for more football and margaritas!!

Mark and I got to sleep in this morning and have some time together today before I had to drive him to the airport...he will be gone for work for 2 weeks...booooo! Luckily I have quite a bit planned. Besides work, I will be spending some time in Cincinnati with Alex and Evan, it is Ball State's Homecoming this weekend, and hopefully finishing all my fall projects and cleaning. Hopefully it will go by fast! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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