Monday, October 25, 2010

Dining Room Update

We finally decided on a paint color and started painting. I won compromised on the paint color so now we have to come up with another color for the office. Here it is....

 Mark suited up to get started

A work in progress

Everything put back together and with new curtains

I LOVE the color and the curtains help tie in the rest of the house colors.... Now all we have left to do is the wainscoting on the will bring it up another notch, but still looks very elegant in there! Crossing it off the list...WHOO HOO!!!


  1. Thanks for posting! We are in process of doing ours and I need inspiration. It's a similar color.

  2. Looks wonderful! Is that a bunny suit I spy?!

  3. The curtains really make the room! Love it. But were is your framed picture of Antoine