Sunday, September 2, 2012

Leah 11 Months

Age: Eleven Months
: Around 20-21lbs
Length: ?

Teeth:  Nothing new here, I think her top side teeth are trying to poke through
Hair: OUT OF CONTROL and this momma refuses to cut it. Trying different styles, but she ends up pulling everything out anyways.
Sleeping:  Getting better, always room for improvement and better consistency. Working on weaning the night time feed.
Eating: Nursing morning and night, cut out am feed. Started offering whole milk and she doesn't seem to mind it. Getting a bit more picky about food and throws it off her tray if she does not like it.  
Movement: Crawling, pulling up, cruising, walking with a walker toy! Still Dancing!
Milestones: Walking with walker, whole milk.
Favorite Toys: Pacifier...Holy smokes...cant leave home without one. Loves books and playing with blocks, stacking them and taking them in and out of things. Likes her new "remote" I got her. And of course anything she isn't supposed to play with ie computers, cellphones, etc.
Words/sounds: Waving, dada, mama, a "g" sound, baba, lots of jibber jabber

Yes, it is the thermometer


What's that noise?

My favorite...seriously can't get enough!


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