Monday, September 5, 2011

37 and some change...

I am 37 weeks and a few days...A big milestone because 37 weeks is considered term. I would feel completely comfortable if Baby Franks decided to enter the world. 3 weeks seems so far away so I have been having daily discussions with Baby Franks about all the reasons they should decide to meet us. I have mentioned that Mark and I are nice people, we have lots of fun baby things for it to use, we want to know whether we can call "he" or "she" instead of "it" or other nicknames we and others have used, we have a very annoying nice dog who wants to know what the heck is going on around here, football season here and we know you will love it, mommy's clothes are starting to get really tight, you have 6 cousins to meet...etc etc...But NO, Baby Franks does not like any of those reasons currently and trying to reason with an unborn baby is making me look like a crazy lady. I know little one will arrive when they are ready and we just need to be patient, but it is HARD! I am praying for patience everyday, it is not something I am good at. I have been feeling fairly good, slowing down a lot, spurts of extreme exhaustion, then energy, spurts of extreme happiness and then extreme meltdowns (I am hoping this is normal!)I truly have no reason to complain so I will leave it at that. Hopefully I will have time to post some nursery pictures this week!

30 weeks

34 weeks
Here I am at 37 weeks in all my glory! Sorry my bed isn't made!


  1. You look stunning. Even with a toilet and a bed in the background. Just think that there is still a little play date time. I'm just saying. Seriously - I can't wait to see that kid. It's going to be amazing

  2. Enjoy that belly! I miss mine way way more than I thought I ever would.