Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Boys

Last weekend was my nephew Alex's 4th Birthday celebration. Mark and I headed down Friday night to have some QT with Alex, Evan and the newest addition Drew. Have I ever mentioned that I love these boys?! They crack me up, make me smile and make me so happy! Alex is really into dressing up like an "adult" like he is going to work like daddy. He likes to wear dress shirts, ties and blazers. When he is not wearing those he is really in to pirates...he is so stinking cute.  Oh yea and they had their faces painted at their babysitters on Friday. Evan has the most energy I have seen in a kid, he is really in to star wars so everything is a lightsaber. And Drew, just goes with the flow, as long as he is being held, which was NO problem for me!
Notice the tie, blazer and of course pirate sword

Alex and I being silly Saturday morning
Uncle Mark and Evan being silly

 Evan was practicing taking pictures

Alex all dressed up and ready for his party... Makes me smile!

Have I mentioned that I adore these boys!!!

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