Thursday, August 4, 2011

*Must Remember to Teach My Kid*

So after an experience today at the tire store, I must make a mental note to teach my son/daughter this...

If it's a girl and she is abnormally tall (like her mother)-  I must teach her that she will get hit on for being tall, people (men) are slightly obsessed with tall women. I don't know what the obsession is but I can't even begin to tell you how true this is. The worst pick up line is "So I have to ask, How tall ARE you?" and/or "I have always wanted to date a tall woman!" I have heard these numerous times and mainly as introductory lines or in the first 30 seconds of conversation. It makes me laugh, because it is so ridiculous. Some guy told me I was intimidating today because I was tall and he liked that about me. I will tell my daughter that if a boy uses this line on her to run far far away...Pretty much the only boy I ever dated that has never asked me that has been husband. I was so trained to talk about this with my dates, the first night Mark and I hung out I told him numerous times that I was 6'2 and he just kept looking at me wondering if he should be impressed or not!

If it's a boy- I would love for you to date a tall woman, nothing made more irked when a beautiful tall man was dating a 5 '2 girl, I always wanted to go smack them and tell them to date someone their own size. BUT please do not ever use this horrible pick up line on a tall girl. Also, when a woman is wearing a wedding ring and 8 months pregnant, please do not hit on her and act like you don't see the ring OR the baby bump. And lastly please DO NOT tell her " She doesn't look pregnant from the back, if you know what I am saying!" It will make you look like a fool!

Ok parenting lessons on being tall= CHECK!

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