Friday, August 19, 2011

35 weeks

Celebrating 35 weeks....Another good milestone! 5 weeks or less (hopefully) until we get to meet this little alien. I am ready to put a face and name to Baby Franklin. The good news is that Baby Franks flipped and is officially HEAD DOWN! I am so thrilled about this...I did not want a csection and even though it is still an option it is not the only option. I have been alright. I have definitely slowed down a LOT! I had a slight setback this week with come contractions and other issues, which sent me home from work and some "mini bedrest" for the weekend. So I am taking it easy which is extremely difficult for me. I want to be up and about and doing what I need to, but I guess I have no control at this point! Pretty much all the stuff is done for baby, we are waiting for curtains, but that is it. We need to put the car seat in and I guess pack a hospital bag, but that is not really stressing me out. I feel as ready as I will be. Now it is a waiting game, hopefully not in bed for the next couple of weeks.  Oh yea and I start school on Monday...Just one class...but looking at the syllabus is a bit overwhelming. Ill figure it out and get through it. Looks like quite a bit of reading so hopefully I will be able to keep my eyes open and get it done. So there is the update...not much going on. Mark is good...spending any free moment on the golf course...I think he knows those trips will be a bit less in a few weeks.  Alright Happy Friday!

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  1. Wouldn't a playdate with me be a nice relaxing way to spend some time right now.