Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 for 3

So on Monday, our anniversary I had the joy of being present to welcome my third nephew, Andrew (Drew) Howard Bajorek. He was born Monday afternoon to the proud parents my brother Tim and sister in law Shonda. I was present at both Alex and Evan's birth so I was so happy my schedule allowed me to be there...It never gets old watching babies be born, especially ones you will instantly love. I can't imagine the feeling of seeing my own baby be born and how much love I will feel because this little person Drew melted my heart from the first second! I am so happy for Tim and Shonda. Shonda made birth look easy and natural. At one point I thought I should leave because this natural looking birth was setting me up for disappointment when I go in for my first birth. I can't express how great she did, she was and (still is) amazing! I also had a fun time going to pick up Alex and Evan from their babysitter, they were silly as ever and so excited to go to see baby Drew. They were gently with and wanted to give the baby lots of kisses. It was a beautiful sight to see, a new family of 5. I am thankful for this wonderful gift that Tim and Shonda have shared with me. I can't wait to get to know this little person better espcially alongside of his new cousin that will be here in 9 weeks!!!

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